52 - Crashing Love

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So I wanted to be at the parade yesterday so bad , but I couldn't.

On another side Xavi said "SEE YOU SOON" to Barca because we know him , and we know he will be back.

Finally this Imagine is for Ella she asked for it 6 months ago and I Just saw it.

Sorry for making you wait.

Don't forget to send in your book covers , I haven't got any in 2 days so if you don't send any between today and tomorrow I'm gonna have to stick with only one out the five sent to me .

Enjoy this .


Non Famous Imagine


I paced the hall as I waited for someone to tell me if everything is okay , my brain working in a millisecond , I was so stressed and anxious and worried , all at the same time .

One I could go to jail for this .

Two I might of killed someone and that someone is right inside this freaking hospital that isn't telling me anything new, except that he wasn't in danger.

I wish I could rewind time, so this would of never happened .




I was looking for that small cafe in Barcelona that my friend told me about, while the car was still walking .

But then something big collided with the front of my car and I gasped looking in front of me to see that there was a car with it's front wrecked up and the person's head on the steering wheal , I could feel my side aching from the impact but the person in front of me was clearly passed out .

Taking my phone I rushed out of the car and opened the driver's door of the guy's car checking his pulse while calling the emergency.


And now I am walking to the front desk to ask for information .

The lady at the desk looked at me , and I must of looked desperate because she smiled nicely at me.

"hello , can you tell me if the man that had just been brought here after a car crash is okay ?"

I rushed out hoping for a positive answer.

"Uhm , let me check... He is okay , in room 110 second floor , I will tell the doctor there that you are coming up , first name please ?"

"Ella , and thank you"

"you can . i'll send him the message."

"thank you again"


I arrived to the second floor and saw a man with a white robe , must be the doctor .

"Hello are you Ella ?" he asked a clipboard on his hand.


"Okay so , Neymar is awake right now , he has a broken leg , a broken arm, and we stitched up a small but deep cut on his arm.You can go see him now."

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