Don't Cry

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They tell me not to close my eyes,

They say I must not cry.

But water it escapes  my lids,

And I do not now why.

Mom says they're just mean,

And all they say is lies.

But still I cannot help the tears,

That are running from my eyes.

They say that this is wrong,

The water on my face.

And I wonder why it's so bad,

Though it makes me a disgrace.

These harmless tears make them mad,

More hurtful words they say.

But what could water possibly do,

Against the words they speak today?

I don't know why they do this,

Or what they will say next.

But I know there's no reason,

Behind the written text.

One last drop before I stop,

I wipe away the tears.

No more crying is what happens now,

No crying for my fears.

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