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Mel's POV

I was holding onto Cowboy's lead line as he grazed. The sun was starting to set, and the sky was a beautiful orangey red. I leaned against Cowboy's neck as I thought of all that had happened this summer.

I got to go to 4-H fair with Heather. It was great! I helped her get ready for classes, and we stuffed ourselves with ice cream from the Dairy Wives stand.

We had a summer camp. The girls are all like my sisters now, and we helped horses in need. In the end, 24 horses got adopted at the adoption fair! It was a pretty successful fair to me.

The girls come and volunteer regularly. There's only 1 week left of summer, but Cadee and Liv come to the barn regularly. Knight and Tye love having them over, which is really sweet to see.

Liv now is an official junior trainer at Southern Saddlebred Breeding and Training. She goes over there twice a week, and comes over here every day to help out with Tye.

Cadee helps out with Knight three times a week, which is super helpful. With her work, he now let's me, Julie, and Mom work with him. It's great.

Marie takes weekly lessons at Lucky Horseshoe Stables on Angel. She always texts me how Angel is doing, and by the sound of it, Angel loves what she's doing!

Anna rides Fairy daily at her grandmother's barn, and helps take care of her and Max.

And Riley boards Jack at her lesson barn, and does tons of shows with him. They are really good, and they've been mentioned in magazines a few times, too!

Everything is turning out great, and Cowboy and I are getting ready to start the new 4-H season. I can't wait!

Life at Century Farms is perfect, and for every horse, there is a happy ending. Just ask the horses that were in the camp! They'll tell you so.


A/N: hi guys! That's the end of The Rescue Horse Camp! I'm sad that it's the end of the New Beginnings at Century Farms series for now, but I'm excited to start my new book Rumor Has It. It will be another horse book, and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out when it comes out. Thank you guys for all the great support you've given me throughout this book, and you guys are the best. Please vote for TRHC!!!! And comment about how you liked this book. Thank you guys so much!!!!

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