Alone (Wally and Artemis Story)

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"What do you mean you dream about him maybe he is reaching out to you Artemis " Megan says

artemis stops crying a little and looks at the both of them

"What?" Artemis says

~In the Watch Tower~

Megan and Zatanna and Artemis came in where Aqualad and Nightwing was talking

"Hey Guys we need to talk with both of you" Zatanna says to both of them

Aqualad and NightWing turned around to look at the girls

"Whats up?" NightWing asks them

"Wally may be alive!" Zatanna says

NightWing and Aquald were shocked

"How?" Aqualad asked

"Artemis talked to him in her dream and he must he alive" Megan says to them

NightWing thought for a minute

"That could be true he may be alive he may be in another world fighting to get back here but how can we get him back?" NightWing says

Artemis looks at all of them

"I think i can look for a spells to bring him back" Zatanna says

"and i can look and see if it as something that will help out more and everything " NightWing says

"Artemis you can go home and rest i can stay with you in till they find something " Megan says

"I'll be ok i want to help!" Artemis says

"Artemis you need to rest we have everything here don't worry we will get Wally back" NightWing says

Artemis sighs and goes home alone

~At Home~

Artemis walks in the door and then she is home she feels so alone without Wally but she has her and Wally's dog

she walks into the bed room and gets one of Wally's T-shirts and she wears only the t-shirt and thats it she sits on the bed and thinks about the last time they kissed in Paris the city of love so Romanic she could not see herself with anyone but the guy she fell in love with 4 years ago, she had hope but if he comes back she will want to slap him and then hug at the same time crying she wanted her BayWatch back... she feels so alone without him with her he is so stupid but she fell in love with that guy, Artemis just layed on the bed holding Wally's pillow again and she fell asleep like that.

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