Chapter 37: Of Reconciliations And Suspicions

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"About that," he said, smiling nervously. "I misplaced my phone at home. I wasn't able to get a new one right away because I was too busy with some stuff. I'm sorry?"

I pouted. "You're lucky because I love you."

It was too late when I realized that the L-word has already slipped from my mouth. Chase stood there, his expression both happy and surprised.

"Did I really hear what I thought I heard?" He asked me, his voice sounding hopeful.


I thought about it for a while. I checked my mind and heart for some signs of disapproval but to my surprise, there was none. My mind knows I said the right thing. My feelings were enough proof.

It really was the truth. I loved Nicholas Chase Hayden already.

And there's no stopping me from telling him that.

"Yes, you heard it right."

He simply looked at me and I instantly felt nervous about what he was gonna say. I hoped he wasn't too shocked or put off by my straightforward confession.

"You're hopelessly smitten," Ashley's voice rang in my head. Almost automatically, my smile wavered.

Was it a bad thing? Did that turn Chase off? Did I really sound desperate?

My questions were answered when Chase cupped my cheek, and smiled. I certainly didn't expect that. "Well, guess what, miss Carli Davidson. I love you, too. More than you'll ever know."

"So, have you two made up yet?" Gwen nudged me as we were walking towards the cafeteria for lunch.

I nodded. "Yeah. And not just that, we also said the L-word to each other."

This was followed by giggles coming from Gwen. "Oh my God, are you serious?"

"Yes!" I told her a little too excitedly.

Gwen sighed. "Who would've thought you'll be his game-changer?"

"I know right," I told her. "Who would've thought?"

Holding back our giggles, we entered the crowded cafeteria and immediately went to sit at the popular table where we've been sitting ever since Chase and I started dating. Sure I've met them already before when Zach and I were still an item but it was totally different with Chase. The treatment was warmer, the feeling was much better. It just felt secure more than anything else.

"Hey," Chase pulled me for a hug once I was seated next to him. Gwen sat next to Ken and once again, they beat everyone else when it came to cutest couple ever. They were just too adorable together.

Everyone went on with their normal activities a moment later. Taking out the sandwich Mom made especially for me, I started with my lunch. Chase, however, looked too busy with something. His eyes were glued on the screen of his phone as he furiously typed something.

I observed him for a few minutes until I couldn't help it anymore. "Aren't you hungry?" I asked, pointing at his barely touched food.

This seemed to shake him a little since he finally looked away from his device and directed his gaze at me. "What? Oh, yeah." He took a bite from his pizza roll and smiled at me. Then, as if nothing happened, he went back to his phone.

Rolling my eyes, I tugged at his shirt sleeve. "Hey, what are you so busy about?"

"U-uh, what? " He said once again, looking disconcerted.

"I said , what are you so busy -" I was cut off when his phone started blaring. Quickly, as if his life depended on it, he took it from the table and immediately pressed the green button.

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