Cute face With Bad Intentions

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It was the last month of school and I thanked the heavens and the principal for getting a air conditioner installed in every classroom in school or I would have died in this school weeks ago.

I listened to Ms. Bailey go on and on about The movie we just watched. Don't ask what movie, i have no idea what it was, I was sleeping on and off just enjoying the quietness of the class. It was one of those rare days in Ms. bailey's class when the loud students don't show up so I'm blessed with a quiet uneventful day.

I'm so use to being distracted because they are so loud and annoying. The head guy of the little posse is Noah. He always targets me and bothers me while the others guys mess with other people, they never bother me only Noah does which was quiet odd to me but trust me I'm not complaining. Just having Noah bullying me and bothering me was enough.

"I want you all to study more about this-" Our teachers voice trailed off as she glanced towards the classroom door that just opened up.

"Nice of you all to join us when there's only 10 minutes of class left." She announced to the students walking in. I sighed annoyed. I guess I spoke to soon.

Noah smirked at Ms. Bailey and headed for his seat which was behind me. His two other friends Fin and axel seated themselves and i dramatically slammed my head on my desk. This was going to be a long 10 minutes.

Suddenly I felt a a kick on my chair. My eyes flew wide open and I pressed my lips into a thin line attempting to ignore Noah and his efforts to annoy me today.

Later That Day**

I tied my long black hair into a pony tail while walking out of school. I didn't live far from school but walking in this heat definitely did take a toll on me considering I get hot super fast.
I wouldn't have to walk home today if mom and dad weren't relocating one of there offices today. They owned there own company and had two new locations now in different towns which caused them to be out of town a lot.

I walked along the side walk away from school and near the ongoing traffic on the streets.
I sung along to the music blasting in my ears from my earphones and decided to walk through this alley way that Ended right near my house.
Before entering the alleyway I heard shouting near this abandoned house that I pass every single day. The usually dark scary looking house was lit up and loud. I could hear manly shouts and guys yelling

My curiosity got the best of me and before I could change my mind and go home I found Myself walking closer and closer towards the house until I was next to a window in front of a bush. I peeked in and couldn't believe my eyes.
There were crowds and crowds of guys in the house standing in a circle. I squinted my eyes to see what everyone was looking at and there they were, two guys in the middle of the circle. The taller guy was holding the shorter guy in a headlock.

"Say you give up and I'll let you go chicken shit!" The taller cocky guy yelled. I could see the beads of sweat dripping off of the shorter guys face. He looked terrified but he didn't give up. Then all of the sudden the taller guy flipped the guy over and body slammed him into the floor sending the entire room into a uproar. Then the guys switched and two new guys were in the circle. I guess they were having some kind of fighting match. The funny thing was I walk pass this house everyday and never saw this happening.

"Now joining the circle is Greg from Coxtown and one of our very own, Noah!" Some drunk guy announced on the microphone.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Noah from school was standing in the circle. He was wearing a black wife beater shirt and black jeans. His face mirrored anger. He looked angry and focused on his opponent who was about Noah's size. I didn't know Noah fights people like this but I don't even know why I was surprised. He's a bad boy, he's nothing but trouble.

"Ready, set, GO!"

Noah charged at the boy punching him right in the nose then a follow up punch in the guys stomach. Noah wasn't a trash talker like the other guys he just focused on continuing to hit the guy as he howled out in pain.

"You got this Noah!"

Someone called him out from the crowd, he glanced at the crowd and oh my god was that a big mistake. The other guy quickly threw a punch right into Noah's eye. Noah slightly tumbled backwards and everyone in the room quieted and gasped, I guess they never saw Noah get hit before.

"Arrrrgggghhhhhh" Noah growled loudly charging for the guy. Like a Bat out of hell Noah grabbed the guy by his head and flipped him slamming him into the ground. I stepped back and gasped. But Noah wasn't done. He repeatedly kicked and punched at the guys body until he was shaking on the floor and throwing up blood.

When Noah finally had a enough he stood and stared at the guy now laying on the floor. Everyone was so rowdy around him screaming and yelling at how good Noah was at fighting. Everyone then began crowding around the guy on the floor and that's how Noah made his escape outside. He tumbled out through the front door. I followed him with my eyes as he groaned and held his eye with a part of his shirt.

"Are you okay?" I cursed at myself for opening my mouth. I watched as Noah slowly removed the shirt from his eye. He squinted his eyes at me I guess trying to figure out who I was.

"What the fuck." I watched as lips moved when he talked and the sweat dripping from his wet black hair.


Did he just say my name? And was i checking him out? Oh my god I was. I was actually checking this arrogant rude asshole out.

"I asked if you were okay" I spoke a little louder. Noah looked at me for a few seconds longer before wipping his eye again.

"Whats it matter to you?."

I didn't even know he knew my name. As I walked closer to him and was now on the porch with him I was shocking myself by every single thing I was doing. I never talked to him or any of his friends or really anyone in the school. Just my best friend who's out of town right now so I was basically a loner for the time being. Me having a conversation with him right now and him responding was the closest I've ever gotten with him.

"You know my name?" I decided to ask him.

His raised his right eyebrow. "Your in my class." He pointed out.

"Yeah but...." I trailed off. "You don't really talk to me."

You Just kick my chair all the time. I wanted to say but thought against it.

He smirked and tossed his shirt at me.
"So let's keep it that way shall we?" He walked away and headed back into the house slamming the door.

I threw his stupid shirt off of my head and angrily walked home.

That would definitely be the last time I would see if his rude, arrogant Nothing but trouble ass is okay.

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