If You Were Here with me (Wally and Artemis Story)

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Artemis was looking at photos of Wally and her over the years a tear fell down her face she really loves him and she could not believed

that he was Gone, her and well both of Wally's and Artemis's dog came up to her some how he knew something happened so he

jumped up on to there bed and he layed on the bed next to Artemis, She looks over to him and pets him then she lays down as well

tears fall down her face "I'll always will love Wally" Artemis says then she sleeps with tears in her eyes

~in Artemis's dream~

She was laying on the beach and Wally was laying next to her he had his arms around her, then he looks at her

"Why did you leave me.." She asks him

Wally just smiled at her and laughed a little

"Its the job Arty i'll never be gone i'll always be here with you i may be closer then you think" Wally says to her looking at her

Artemis looks at him she thought to herself

"What do you mean?" Artemis asks him

Wally smiles at her and kisses her forehead

"You no arty " Wally says to her

and then Wally was gone

Right then and there Artemis woke up

~With Artemis~

Artemis woke up screaming with tears falling down her face she looks at the side that Wally slept on and she picks up Wally's pillow

and she just hugs it and sat there for hours

~A couple of hours later ~

Megan and Zatanna came over to see her they rang the door bell and no one came to the door they new Artemis was in there she just

did not come to the door Megan goes there the door and unlocks it and lets Zatanna in and locks it again they walks into the bedroom

there Artemis was just sitting there on Wally and Artemis's bed hugging Wally's pillow and wearing Wally's t-shirt and a tissues every

where and they looked at Artemis's face and her eyes where red and under her nose was red as well the girls just sat down on the bed

and hugged her and she kept crying like she has been for hours now felt like forever too her

"I thought i would be with him forever..." Artemis say crying at the same time

"I loved him we're need together for 4 years and it all ended that minute he was gone why.... I loved him.." Artemis started crying so hard

"Artemis..." Zatanna says

they kept hugging her

"I dreamed of him and he said to me that he is not really gone he is he is gone " Artemis cries



Author note: This story is going to be on going so i'll try to get back to thisand everything i hope all of you liked it and sorry about it not being very long but anyways i hope all of you guys enjoyed it comment if you want feel free :) more coming soon.

Always ~Arty

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