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Chapter 19

Julie's POV

I looked out the airplane window at the New York skyline. We were circling to land at JFK airport, and I could take in my first glimpse of the Big Apple.

"Fabulous the first time you see it." Peter's voice stabilized my stomach as we dropped lower and lower in altitude.

I grabbed harder onto the seat armrest. "It sure is. It's also getting my mind off of how my stomach feels." The nauseating feeling of descent never made me a fan for air travel.

He placed his hand on mine. "Hang in there. We'll be down in a few moments."

"I always hate this part."

"Not been on a plane that often?"

"I've only been on one a few times. Once to visit my grandparents in Texas, and moving out to Illinois."

"Well, if you're working for me, you'll get used to it. We have international property that has to be checked on. Plus, I was meaning to pick up some Irish castles to add to our B & B holdings."

I perked up at the mention of Ireland. "Really?"

"Yes." He smiled and grabbed my hand. "I plan to take you on some adventures Julie. Are you up for it?"

I nodded as the plane dropped a bit, sending my stomach into another spiral. "Crap. I hate this."

"Breathing deep helps me."

I tried Peter's suggestion. Breathe in, 1, 2, 3. Breath out, 2, 3. It did calm my stomach a little. "Talking helps too Peter."

"I'm trying to not think about what I have to do when I land. But it's all on my mind no matter what I do. I'm going to have to take over now, and I'll need you to be my full time assistant. I really need you right now."

I looked at him, and he pulled my hand towards him and kissed it. "You're my rock Julie. I don't know what I would do without you now."

I couldn't help but caress his face. His 5 o'clock shadow was rough beneath my fingers, and sexy to look at. "I'm not going anywhere, but with you."

He caught my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine, and kissed it again. "I know. I'm so glad you're here with me."


His limo was there to pick us up from the airport. My first encounter with the streets of New York was from the back of a limousine in Peter's arms. He held onto me like I'd break. I loved the fact he wanted to cling to me. I knew he was going through some horrible stuff, but it felt good to be needed.

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