Chapter 18: Flashback

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Upon Request, these chapters will be longer! Thank you so much for the reads! Xoxo (WARNING: this chapter does contain some "graphic descriptions" so continue at your own risk). Random picture of Tyler Hoechlin because he's hotter than my iPhone charger.

Winter's POV


I paced around the study room, constantly running my hands through my hair in a stressed manner. Did I really just make out with my half sister's soon-to-be fiancé? I thought to myself as I leaned against the large mahogany table in the middle of the room. Low blow Winter, low blow. I didn't even mean for it to happen, it just... Happened.

Maybe Jess won't even have to know! Maybe me and Tyler could just act like it never happened...

...could I just act like it never happened? Pretend? As much as I hated it, No matter how hard I tried I still couldn't make the tingles that I felt on my lips and the various other places his body was pressed up to, or the erratic pace at which my heart was beating at, go away.

I need a nap... Yeah, a nap will do it.

I pushed myself up from the mahogany desk and made walked out of the room and into the hallway. I made my way down the corridor towards my room and pushed through my twin doors to reveal my more than appealing bed. Kicking off my shoes, I laid back, allowing the soft duvet to swallow me whole. Very soon and unexpectedly, I found myself falling into a deep slumber.

Everything felt a little hazy at first, like when you have that dream where you can't really see clearly after you try to wake up. But soon things cleared up and the scenery surfaced. I was in the passenger seat of our old Chevy Pick Up, heading down Route 60 at a steady 50mph. I could feel my young teenage heart beating a bit as if this was one of my first few times behind the wheel.

Then I heard the laughter... The sweet, alluring laughter that was filling up the '98 Chevy interior. Was I laughing? I was almost certain I was, but there was another voice, another presence in the truck with me. I finally turned to my right, towards the passenger seat, and that's when I saw her.

My mother.

She was sitting across from me, her head bent back in laughter. Her dark, chocolatey curls were pulled back into a ponytail with a few extra unintentional strands that stuck out and framed her perfectly chiseled face. She was wearing a pair of faded, light washed overalls that made her look even more adventurous and she had them paired with her worn out sneakers. I looked up towards her neck and noticed the silver locket she always wore, I remembered asking about it when I was younger but she told me it held no meaning, she just liked it. I couldn't remember what we were laughing about or what was so incredibly funny but my mom had that effect on people. Her contagious smiles and bubbly personality lured you in to whatever she deemed funny and soon, you just couldn't stop laughing! She was always that way, the optimist in the family. She would never take no for an answer and always saw the good in people.

She slowly turned towards me with a huge smile still scattered across her face. Looking at her directly, I noticed the resemblance between us. She too had light freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose and her upper cheeks along with those pale eyes that always held warmth. Her head all of a sudden jerked to the road and how such little of my attention was on it, "Pay attention to the road Winter!" She scolded. My head snapped back to the deserted open road that was ahead of me. Farther out into the distance, I could see a light intersection, but we still had a little ways to go.

I kept my eyes on the road, but continued the conversation with my mother.

"So..." I said, creating a pause so I could get her undevided attention, "Performing Arts school..." I finished, leaving the statement hanging in the air for her to ponder on.

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