Okay....What the bloody eff is wrong with the FNAF fandom?!

Like honestly, I'm on Google+ today and one of the major flaws of the website is the "#sexualsunday" tag. Usually, that tag would be accompanied with lewd fanart, original art and Kuroshitsuji stuff (you know perfectly what I mean, so don't ask) but today, I saw about quiet a few posts concerning FNAF.

For those of you living under a....oh, who am I kidding? Even those who live under a rock would know that FNAF is short for Five Nights at Freddy's, an indie horror game that got incredibly famous a few years back and is going strong with three sequels.

Back to the rant, I'm incredibly concerned about the state of mind of the fandom altogether.

Don't know what I mean by that? Let me put it this way: Shipping a demon and a fourteen year old is one thing (reference back to my Kuroshitsuji rant if you don't know what I'm talking about). Drawing the animatronics in a rather sexual way is on another whole level of BATSHIT INSANE.

The animatronics are supposed to be scary. They are not supposed to have boobs, nor do they want to, well, do the "you-know-what" with each other. Like really. I recently started playing the game after I decided to stop being a scared idiot and watched all of Markplier's gameplay of all four of them. Why are people drawing fanart of sexualized FNAF characters?! It's like drawing lewd fanart of Dora and Boots or writing "phanfic" smut (Oh, you all know what and who I'm talking about). It just has wrong, weird, creepy and effing bizarre written all over it.

Here's a passage from a post that mirrors my thoughts:

"Stop sexualizing FNAF animatronics. No they don't have boobs or dicks. No they don't want to eff each other. Please just stop."

Get the bloody picture?! Good. Now please just stop because I wouldn't be getting uncomfortable if it wasn't in my news feed every Sunday.

For those of you thinking that I get hurt very easily: There's a difference between not giving a shit, trying not to give a shit but in reality its making you uncomfortable and starting shit just to get attention. Sorry if I'm really snarky today but honestly, I had enough of lewd FNAF posts for one day. Thank you.

What else would you like me to rant on? I'll probably do Fullmetal Alchemist next but due to the fact that I haven't read that many FMA fanfics, I can just complain about the certain plot holes that the show has or the fandom itself. Either way, just hang in there a little longer. :D

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