Chapter 10.2

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Chapter 10

Mr. David Cavenaugh had not been happy about his son's decision.

Kamree couldn't hear what Daxton and his father argued about through the sound proof glass, but she could see the angry words and quick, strong gestures.

The microphone in front of her lips waited to be filled with words. Covering the top of the mic was what Adam called a "pop filter". The circular screen looking device would apparently filter out that horrible blast of air when she pronounced the letter P or B.

A heavy set of headphones rested around her neck. She fiddled with the chord and watched helplessly as Daxton fought his case.

Poor Adam sat in the seat in the control room. He'd had to witness the entire thing. At the beginning of the argument he'd slowly dragged his chair as far off to the side as he could get.

Daxton must've said something good because slowly Mr. Cavenaugh's shoulders relaxed.

Eventually the two men came to a decision. The tight expression on Mr. Cavenaugh's face told her he didn't like the outcome as much.

Daxton patted Adam on the shoulder as he scooted back to center.

Mr. Cavenaugh leaned over the control panel to speak into the microphone there. Kamree scrambled to put the headphones on so she could hear him. "Alright Kamree. We're going to give you a test run. If it doesn't work, I've got our plan B on speed dial."

They couldn't hear her, so she gave him a smile and a timid thumbs up.

No pressure.

Adam messed with the control board a bit. Kamree didn't actually know what all the things in the studio did and what purpose they served, but at least Adam did. "Okay pretty girl. Your lyrics are in front of you. I just want you to go straight into it. Don't worry about how it sounds. I want you to get a feel for this process first. We'll go through the whole thing in one run, and then do a couple of harmonies and possibly a rerun."

She nodded.

"Got the lyrics?"

She held up the paper.

"Got some water?"

She held up her water bottle.

"Got your dignity?"

At that she rolled her eyes.

Adam looked back at Daxton, his mouth close enough to the mic for her to hear him say, "I think she's ready to go."

Daxton gave his friend a blank look and nudged him out of the way. "Breathe, Kamree."

She took a nice long inhale and slowly let it out through her lips. Daxton gave her an encouraging smile, "I know you can do this."

If there was one aspect of Daxton's personality that she liked more than the rest it would be his ability to think positive about most situations. He also had a bit of a tendency to take charge in the matter and, combined with his optimism, one almost had to believe that it would work out.

It gave her more confidence. If Daxton thinks I can do this, and Paisley thinks I can do this, then what's stopping me?

She put her pointer finger and thumb together to signal "okay".

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