Chapter 10.1

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Chapter 10

Kamree placed a plate of scrambled eggs in front of Daxton when the doorbell rang, echoing throughout the entire house in a cheery, upbeat tone.

God, he hated his doorbell.

With a groan, Daxton left his plate and went to answer the door.

After glancing through the peephole on the door he wanted to flip all his lights off and pretend he wasn't home.

She pounded on the door. "Daxton." She called out. "I know you're in there."

Well shit.

He flipped the deadbolt and, with a deep breath, opened the door.

Carrie had gotten a haircut since he'd seen her last. Her dark blonde hair barely brushed her shoulders. Now she had those lighter stripes in her styled hair too. What did girls call those? Highlights?

"There you are, Daxton." She gave him a cheery smile and a kiss on the cheek. "I was wondering when you'd let me in."

She shouldered past him and into his home before he could stop her. She set her purse on the long slim table near the door he used to hold important items like his keys and then stopped. Sniffed once. "Are you making breakfast? Perfect."

"Carrie, listen." Daxton put a gentle hand on her arm to get her to stay there. If she went in much farther, Kamree would see her. And the second Kamree found out he had a fiancée, all his work would go down the tubes before he even had a chance to start.

Kamree would be pissed. And that idea hurt worse than offending Carrie.

"I need you to go." He said, "We can talk later."

She blinked. Slowly her smile dropped and molded into something else. Rage. "Why are you always pushing me away? "Carrie, we'll talk later,"" She deepened her voice to mock him. ""Carrie, I'll call you another time." You sound like a broken record. I just want to spend time with you."

He wouldn't have been surprised if she had stomped her foot.

"We will, I promise." He said quickly, trying to direct her back toward the door. "Now is just not a good time."

"Daxton?" Kamree called out.

Carrie froze. "Is that-Do you have a girl here?" She screeched.

He swore an unrepeatable word under his breath.

"Is everything okay?" Kamree stepped around the corner. Her eyes rounded in surprise when she noticed Carrie before she covered it easily with a warm smile. "Hi, I'm Kamree."

Kamree's hair wasn't dry yet from her shower and her blouse was slightly wrinkled. In her hand she still held the spatula.

He could imagine how damning this whole situation looked.

Carrie gaped at Kamree as if she couldn't believe her eyes. For once, his talkative fiancée had been rendered speechless.

"Carrie, this is Kamree. She's my assistant at the office. I'm helping her out right now by giving her and her little sister a place to stay." He hurriedly explained.

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