Katy's PoV


Meru and I raced down the hallway as soon as we saw Lindsey on the ground.

"Freaking Casper and Adam! They did this to her! Navi Can you go and get the nurse? Can you also tell her to send Cole down there as well?" Meru asked Navi as she flew away. I quickly scooped Lindsey up ad put her on my back. Meru grabbed her Drawing pad and shut her locker and ran beside me.

"Why the hell are people Asses to the most innocent?! Fuck!'' I asked out loud, not really caring who hears me. Meru was focused on her phone, a slight blush on her face. I giggled softly, realizing who's shes texting.

" Are you texting someone special?'' I asked her, laughing as her face became a pink.


Meru's PoV


I blushed a dark pink after Katy asked me.

"N-No! anyways we need to hurry! Lindsey isn't looking the best at the moment..." I felt my Phone buzz and looked at the Message.

H: Are you at the nurse? I'm waiting for You guys ;)

M: Almost there. See you there.

I placed my phone back into my pocket and Kept running. right now Lindsey was more Important than anything.


Lindsey PoV


I don't really remember what happened... Just that im in darkness and my head and stomach are killing me. I-I remember These two kids named Adam and Casper... im afraid of them... they scare me. I think they hurt me. There's this one guy I remember. his name is Cole. I think im dating him... I think...

I don't know.... I don't remember!


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