Planet Rodia

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HERALD OF FURY revolves around the fate of Planet Rodia, a habitable planet in the Tyrius system renowned for its jungles, predatory wildlife and violent weather.

As you can see in the video link, Rodia is situated in a binary star system. To bring this video to life, we used Universal Sandbox, and created a stable binary star system. This turned out to be more challenging than we expected! A lot of our early attempts resulted in the stars or planets colliding, or the moons flying off into outer space.

While the orbits are now stable, we still have some lingering questions about the feasibility of the star system modeled. For example, looking at the model, there might be some exceptionally strong gravitational effects on the planets as the binary star system yo-yos around. That's not something we have in mind in actuality, so if you're an astrophysicist and want to help us out, send us a note!

Despite the imperfections of our model, seeing this video helped make Rodia real for us. Imagine the daylight hours passing on Rodia. The light from Tyrius provides Sol-like light and warmth during the day. Yet at later parts of the day after Tyrius sets, the secondary star Taria provides an eerie twilight for a few hours. We might imagine different predatory species taking advantage of both this twilight and the dark Rodian night.

Though we've spent most of our time on the surface of Rodia, in the coming months we'll venture deeper into the Tyrius system. This video gives you some context for the kind of star system Daniah will navigate, in order to evade the autori. Stay vigilant Daniah, because there may be other pursuers as well...

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