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Oliveria left Jake heartbroken the night of graduation.

He promised to never let her go when he finds her.

Now two years later, after finishing her term at Oxford University ,she moves to New York City, along with her two best friends, Vivian and Aria, to finish her couple of months at Nyu.

One night, they receive a letter to a Masquerade ball, a Govenci one too.

Will one dance in California change her life goals, or will it bring her closer to her Italian Adonis?

Follow Oliveira and Jacob once again, through a dance of memories.
" You look familiar, if only you would take off the mask. " he said as we danced.

Many women gave me death glares as we moved along.

I searched the room, Vivian and Aria seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I looked down, not wanting to give him any more clues.

He held my waist, firmly and tightly with one hand , wile the other in my interlocked with my other hand.

The song ended, I let go of his hand," Where are you going? There's another one coming up."

I didn't listen, instead I ran for the exit, my friends following closely behind.

But in the background I could hear his voice,

"Find her NOW! "

We hurried as fast as our feet could take us, it wasn't easy running on high heels.

" I knew this was a bad idea , where can we get a cab. " Aria panicked.

" Wait, I think there should be one around here." I said pointing to the corner.

" Okay, let's go." Vivian said out of breath.

We tried running but were soon blocked by guards, " Mr. Govenci would like to see you all in the office. " he said.

" Look, we are stranded , and we apologize for running off, we are late for a meeting. " Aria admitted.

It was true, Headmistress Bulgeron is not going like this.

"Sorry, ladies, bosses orders. Don't want to lose my job tonight, he already fired two others for not delivering the right drinks, I got a family. I can't lose my job. " he said with a heavy New York accent.

He showed us the way to the office, the house had changed, a lot.

He sat us in chairs.

" Yeah, boss I have them, Main Arthur hall."

He left us there in the dark.

" I told y'all this was a bad idea." I whined.

" Ladies, enough talk let's get to know each other. " his voice sent chills down my spine.

" Let's start with..... you ." He pointed at me.

Smirking, he came closer.

He took off my mask and stood there wide eyed.

"Oliviera, it can't be, w-w where have you been?" He asked.

" Jake, I can't tell , but I'm sorry for what I'm about to do." I kicked him where the sun dared not to shine.

He collapsed to the ground groaning, he held that particular part, I didn't like to see him hurt.

We started running off with Vivian and Aria. " Coast clear." She informed.

I raced to the door , I looked back as he got back up," I'll find you!!" He yelled like a mad man laughing and smiling.

We raced to the door, where John was waiting for us.

" Ladies, where to next?"

"The dorms please, thanks John."

Now if we could come up with a good explanation for Headmistress Bulgeron......

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