Chapter 7 (Dans p.o.v.)

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A week went by since that day and I must admit Phil is the most amazing friend I have ever had. As I got the last peoples orders in for the day. I was anxious to go home to see Phil. So when they finally left I hurried up to clock out and said bye to everyone. I jumped in the car and smiled as I drove home. I got home and got out of the car. Closing the car door. I sighed happily and got inside. "Phil! I'm home." I yelled. Phil came up to me and smiled. I smiled back. "Want to sit in the living room?" Phil asked me as he glanced back to the living room. "Yeah. Sure!" I said as I followed Phil into the room. "How was work?" Phil asked me as he sat down. I sat down next to him. "It was okay. Work is work." "I know the feeling." Phil said while laughing. If you told me a month ago that I would be falling in love with my Guardian Angel, i'd think you were crazy and on drugs. But here I am. Staring at Phil. I love everything about this guy. I love his hair. It's just like mine but just flipped the other way. I love his eyes. The way they brighten up when i'm near him. The way you can just get lost in those gorgeous blue eyes of his. His smile. I swear his smile is so attractive. I always want to make him smile. His body is attractive. Not that i've seen him without clothes on but just the way it's shaped makes it attractive. His laugh is the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Besides his voice of course. When he laughs I can't hell but smile. All together his personality is perfect. Don't say it's not because I will punch you. "Thanks for all the nice things you did for me today." Phil said interrupting me from my thoughts. "You're very welcome." I said as I smiled really big.

Thank you for staying this far into the story with me. You are all so very amazing. Ahh. This story is becoming my life honestly. I'd hate for it to end. ;n;

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