His out of town girl

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"Hey there shawty," you see the Canadian singer Justin Bieber sitting beside you. "Ive never seen you around here before. Where ya from?" He scoots a bit closer to you at the bar. You definately werent from Toronto. You came to the bar tonight because it was your birthday, but your now ex boyfriend forgot and went to go party with his friends. "Im from Vancouver. And I came here for vacation since its my birthday, but my now ex boyfriend forgot so im here all alone" you take a gulp of your whiskey. "well shawty, how about I help you celebrate your birthday" Justin gives you a brilliant smile. You chuckle and look back at your drink "I highly dought you can make my day" there goes another big gulp of your drink. Suddenly you feel yourself getting pulled out of your seat and onto the dance floor. "I highly think I can" Justin smirks and takes you by the waist. For the next 2 hours you danced non-stop with justin. You guys talked and danced and laughed. "Alright I gotta admit. you actually made my day" you smile as you wrap your arms around his neck. Justin pulled you closer and rested his forehead on yours. "See my put of town girl, I can make anyones night a fun night" you blush and look away. Soon it was time to leave and Justin agreed to walk you home, cause clearly you got a little too much alcohol in your body. "So you never really told me your name yet shawty." Justin said as he pulled you close to his side. "the name is (YN)" you stated proudly. "beautiful name for an out of town girl" he winked. And with that, you two spent the rest of the night celebrating your birthday.

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