Six Degrees Of Separation

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a song-fic based on the six degrees of separation, written by my favorite band: the script.


First of all, this is a one-shot. So, if you are not interested in one-shots, I'm sorry. Second, this book has suicide, usage of drugs, and sadness. If you're bothered by these things, I don't suggest reading it.

Okay. This one-shot is bloody amazing. I cried. And with ONE chapter, I fell in love with Danny. Is that even possible?

I cried. Guys, you must know by now. If I cry, it's legit good.

Okay, so this actually has a story. I searched up "How to be a writer, and where to start." and the first step is writing a one-shot. May it be musical, or for a contest. So I decided on musical. At this time of my life, I was obsessed with the song six degrees of separation and I wanted to write a one-shot about it. So, I did. But something was missing, and I didn't know what. So, I searched up 'Six Degrees Of Separation' on wattpad. And by luck, I found this one-shot. It was exactly what I needed.

So with the aid of this book, I made a song-fic of my own.

Which there is NOTHING similar, by the way. Aside from the song.

- my one shot is now deleted. I was not happy with it :( -

Hands down, this is a great read if you want something short, but amazing all the same.

Sometimes, books doesn't have to be long to be extraordinary.

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