The Aftermath

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It had been days since anyone had seen even the slightest glimpse of the sun; the clouds were thick with radiation and rogue particles that failed to be killed off by the virus. The air felt heavy and smoggy and polluted, like you couldn't quite get enough in your lungs to breathe properly. In short, the world's atmosphere was slowly wasting away. When the sun did show itself, it felt as if a thousand needles were piercing your skin, it gave you third degree burns if you stood outside for more than an hour.

There was a gaping hole in the ozone layer, causing humanity to hang by a thread. Many had perished, many had been wounded so horribly that there was little hope for them to survive anyhow. Women and children were forced to stay sheltered during hot days, while men were able to venture out and attempt to gather as many food rations as they could - if they dared to brave the heat. The roads and buildings had been torn up and chipped away by past happenings, Doctor Caster was to blame for that. There was no longer any electricity nor electronic devices left on the face of Earth that actually functioned. Humans called it "The Outage," and it was nearly the worst possible tragedy of mankind. All records, dates, information, research, knowledge, and secrets stored on or in the Internet were lost. Completely vanished into a void of nothingness.

One of the smartest people to survive without getting seriously burnt by the sun's rays was Doctor Max Waters, a scientist who excels in the idea of artificial intelligence and nonhuman awareness. He was smart enough to save up enough food and fresh water to last him a few months without having to go outside into the toxic radiation before the ozone layer decided to poop out. He saw it coming when no one else did. Mostly because he was acquaintances with Will Caster and Evelyn Caster, and he saw the damage that was done to the Earth's natural resources when Will had the brilliant idea to release the foreign particles into the atmosphere to multiply and spread like wildfire.

Max sat alone in his tiny shack of a house, staring at his cup of coffee that had long since gone cold. It was a pain in the ass to have to brew coffee the old fashioned way. In fact, it was a pain in the ass to do everything the old fashioned way. He let a shaky sigh pass his lips as thoughts ran through his busy mind, as always. No matter what, he was always thinking. Thinking, thinking, thinking. Which was good and bad at times, it had its benefits, but it had its dangers as well. Overthinking things was something he'd always struggled with as a child, and still did, as a grown man. He was 36 years of age, in his prime, as they say. No grey hairs on his head yet, he hoped none would come anytime soon. His bright, crystal blue eyes traveled to his computer - more like what was left of his computer. The keyboard was missing the letters Z, C, and O. The screen was cracked and few pieces of it had fallen from the monitor. The mouse's cord was frayed and nasty looking. He sighed again, shaking his head, wondering what it would feel like to actually access some valuable information again. There was so much he needed to know, he craved knowledge, and it killed him to be isolated in this small, unintelligent town.

"Another day wasted, and there isn't damn thing I can do about it, God damnit." He muttered to himself in his thick British accent, getting up from his rickety old chair with a grunt; his legs felt stiff and uncooperative today. He looked out the window and realized that the clouds were thick, that meant no sun. And no sun meant people out on the streets, searching for resources and greedily stealing items from others. The people were fiends, animals, savages. The world was a hellish and chaotic place now, there was no order anymore. Max missed the days where he would get a friendly "hello" from a passing civilian, now all he gets is a muffled cuss word and judgmental phrases. He was spat upon for being intelligent, since the people knew that he knew way too much, he had the actual capability to change the world. They hated upon him because he didn't choose to change the world. He chose to stay in the shadows, to hide away, which was the smarter choice, but the citizens couldn't see that. They saw Doctor Max Waters as a coward, someone who was able to help but chose not to. Max wasn't afraid, of course he wished to help the economy get back to normal, but he knew something they didn't. He knew the truth behind all of this chaos, he was there. He witnessed Will Caster's savage actions. He knew it required a exclusively clever plan to be able to recreate Doctor Caster's idea of helping the environment, but in a safer and less dominant force.

So, with these thoughts fresh in his mind, he set down his cold coffee and removed some paper from a drawer, sharpened a pencil and began to plot out his ideas. He spilled is thoughts and his mind onto the paper, writing down everything he recalled from Caster's last experiments. He needed a plan. A wonderful plan. A secure plan. He also needed colleagues to lend a hand with his plan. He needed to do something, he was tired of the chaotic vibes of the world.

There Max sat, silence engulfing the room, the only sound that could be heard was the light scratching of imagination going onto lined paper.

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