Chapter 6: Finally

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Aya's eighteenth birthday. Today is the day. She was going to meet her lifemate. Will it be who she thinks it is? Will she be disappointed or forget about Xiyang Qi if he turned out not to be her lifemate? Her destiny is so complicated. Why couldn't she be with the one she loved if he was not the one? She needed to quit making assumptions and first wait to see who her lifemate is before she started trying to destroy the worlds.

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As her family made it through customs, her father got a call from their mother, Nya, from ITEG London. Aya hoped all her family was on their way to meet them, but if there was an issue with the London office, all hands were on deck. She had hoped her whole family would be with her when she finally met her lifemate.

Her mother had clients who needed to sign contracts and had already been there for two weeks and planned on meeting them later, but with the current issues, it may be a pipe dream.

The office was in chaos. A glitch had the workers scrambling for a band-aid solution until the team fixed the problem. With the release of the sib's new game, life was already stressful for the whole management team.

Her mother handled all the international offices and was vital to the ITEG team. All the parents seemed to have gravitated to jobs at ITEG and were thriving. They said that the hard work was a labor of love.

With the staff and parents working on the problem, they would crush whatever the issue was, but she knew it would be late for the big event.

Time was ticking, and time was money. It needed to be fixed quickly, or merch, tickets, products, game sales, and talent bookings were all in jeopardy if someone did not get the system back up, running, and intact.

It could even impact the distribution of the game, "Fighters Call," released just two weeks ago. The pre-orders were shipped early based on location to arrive on people's doorstep on release day.

Aya had taken the lead on this venture. While all the siblings were multi-talented, they all had their specialties. This was in Aya's wheelhouse. Her type A personality was hard at work.

She was a monster, with her on-point distribution plan, to the release itself. No one who pre-ordered had issues receiving their package on release day or downloading the game before launch—a first for the industry.

Launch day, usually riddled with problems, was fine for their game. Aya had all the bases covered. She was a rock star. The game was a hit, and orders were flying in.

The supply and demand chain must remain intact to fill the millions of purchases made in the last few days. Aya and Yang Yang took the lead and spearheaded the programming department, whose goal was to create a brand-new user interface, game mechanics, and AI that had never been seen before.

Jax and Luke took the visual arts, illustrations, and pixel art departments. If they were not singers, they would have been artists. Their work was so inspirational that it could jump off the screen and change your worldview. Their job was to create a new world no one had ever seen, and Nu's department would bring that world to life.

Nate took the motion capture, focusing on various fights and game boss mechanics. Nu took the audio/visual department and brought the game to life. He created a world of magic and wonder from the music scores, character voices, and cinematics.

Even though a sib was in charge of a department did not mean the other siblings didn't pitch in to help when one department had more work than another. It was a group effort. Everyone had done their fair share. They determined that their game would reach gold master (ready to launch) in less than two years.

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