S%*T !!!

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Lily's Pov

It was the same as last time but this time it wasn't Kallum, Mia or Charlie. I couldn't see the person, all I could see is everyone trying to pull me back but what from? The man that was rolling away from me was bleeding but what was peculiar was the hand attached to the body was reaching for my hand. Charlie was holding me back as the nurses and doctors rushed past us.

"What's going on? Is he okay!"? I shouted as doctors past.It's like I knew what was happening but I didn't .

"Miss please move out the way we need to help Mr King" What it was Ethan?i felt my body go cold , I didn't move

"Ethan?" I heard myself say I then moved past all of the doctors and nurses and saw Ethan covered in blood he had a mask on his mouth to help him breath and he was hooked up to an IV that was beeping with the beat of his heart beat.

I looked at my friends to see them looking at the floor Mia was crying as Riley hugged her. Ethan's beautiful green eyes where closed and suddenly his hand went limp as a low beep went through the room. Doctors where rushing around and everything was all blurry I was crying and Charlie held me back but I fell to the floor. Ethan was going to wake up but he didn't. He didn't wake up.

My eyes shot open in pure shock; I was breathing short, sharp breaths. It was a dream, only a dream. Sweat beads ran down my face and hands. I looked around wide-eyed to see my friends fast asleep as we fly to Paris. I move my head of the person who was my pillow who happened to be Charlie, who didn't wake just moved closer into the chair, Mia was cuddled into Riley with a smile plastered onto her face. I then look over at Ethan and see him sleeping peacefully. It was only a dream he okay, it was only a dream. I watched my friends sleep it was a late flight, it would have been later if we didn't take Ethan's fathers private jet, yes you heard right the big bad boy owns a privet jet that was taking us to Paris, one of the places I have wanted to go my whole life.

But what was scaring me was what if Daniel followed us? I'm just getting myself at it because of that dream. Ethan is perfectly fine and he can look after himself right? I'm worrying for no reason just go back to sleep only half an hour to go. Btu what was the present Daniel was going to Ethan? And what was in my boxe? Speaking of which I have it with me. I got up out of my seat quietly so I wouldn't wake anyone I then got my bag from the back of the plain, and right on top was the beautifully wrapped box it was tiny wrapped in glittery green paper and a red bow. I opened the dainty box to see a ring in side it was silver band with a red stone in the middle. Wait, it's an engagement ring!

"Shit" I whisper and walking back to my seat I forget about my bag and trip over it making the ring fall out if my hand and me fall with a big bang causing everyone to wakeup in shock. They all look around and then look at me lying on the floor, and then all the bags feel on top of me and a choruses of laughter's ran through out the plain.

"Ow" I say and as the laughter dies down the bags start to move and I am greeted to Charlie who gave me a hand to get up.

"Why did you trip?" he asks

"I was looking for something in my bag " I say shyly and look around the floor looking for the ring but I don't see it.

"Have you lost it?" Ethan asks

" No, no it was nothing just lipstick"

"Why would you need lipstick?" Mia asks

"I felt like wearing lipstick" I say and sit back in my seat.

"You have a wired best friend" I heard Riley say and then everyone else went on talking like it never happened but I just stared out of the window. Now I know what he meant by 'I will wear it willingly one day' he must have something else plan I will never be his wife! Never in my life will that ring go on my finger! But its gone and lost.

"You all right Lily" Ethan asks

"Yeah I'm fine just tiered" and we sat in silence, looking out of the window to be grated by beautiful Paris.

Ethan's pov

It was perfect, Paris at night there is nothing like standing on top of the Eiffel tower, watching the sun rise over one of the most romantic city's in the world, wanting to hold hands with her. Wanting to hold hands with Lily and say the words that frighten me too much to say them aloud.

I look over, at Lily and see her tiered face light up as she watches the city she had never seen but she captures it all through a camera she doesn't stop to look with those beautiful brown eyes. When life seems unfair and uncertain if our last day will be today, somehow she has the ability to ease the sadness and make me feel as if everything is going to be okay but as I walk to see another view off the city of love, I couldn't help but think of the ring that was burning a whole in my pocket. When Lily fell over and the bags landed on top of her everyone was to bust to notice what was in her hand it was only when it landed at my feet I realised it was Daniels present to her, it was an engagement ring. He wanted her to wear it willingly but she wouldn't he must be planning something bigger something that will make her do this. But what also worried me was that I still have my present, what could it be I don't have any secrets, I don't lie (well that's a lie) but nothing useful to him.

"Hey man" Riley say looking out onto the city.

"You all right"

"Yeah just tiered "

"How's Mia... with everything"

"She dealing I think she was hurt that Lily didn't tell her "

"But you told her not to" I say trying to stick up for Lily which made Riley look at me funny.

"Whatever man..." there was along pause which was nice it let me soak up the beautiful view

"Look I know you like her " he says which caused me to look at him, is it really that obvious?

"No I don't " trying to play it off

"No point lying to me, I don't care, but I do think it is completely stupid I mean she's so annoying but I guess you have a type ... and mate if you want her you might want to tell her"

"Why would I do that"?

" Well, it docent take two to figure out ... Charlie likes her" he nods back to her and Charlie who were laughing and looking over Paris I then saw she was wearing his jacket.

"He a lucky guy, he deserves her "

"So do you man, she likes you but she doesn't want you to get hurt that's what Mia thinks," he says looking me dead in the eye, why is he pushing this.

" Why are you pushing this Riley you don't even like Lily you said so your self!"

"As much as I don't like her, she's better than Nina" it's the first time I have heard anyone mention her name since last year but now it doesn't hurt anymore. "But man you don't give up on the people you love... its one thing she will never do. She is not Nina"

"Who's Nina?" Mia asks hugging her boyfriend.

"A ghost from the past baby she's long gone" he kisses her check and then looks at me, with a superior look in his eyes

"Whatever... guys we all need a photo" she shouts at us all

"I'll take it " Lily says, we all stand next to the city and the rising sun and she takes multiple ones.

"Lily you have to be in one. " Mia says moving to take the camera

" Oh no I take the photos I'm not in them" she shakes her head

"To bad" I pull her hand to move her to the group and she trips into me and Mia catches the camera. Luckily

"Sorry ..." she blushes

" No problem" I help her up and Mia starts to takes photos. I look down at Lily who was smiling as her friend took the photo ,Riley's right she isn't Nina, she is long gone.

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