Chapter 30

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Anna's POV

It's almost the end of the adoption fair, and Fairy hasn't gotten adopted yet! I just finished helping a family adopt Astra, and there have been so many adoptions today! I wish I could adopt Fairy, but we can't afford it. Sigh.

As I was waiting to help the last few people, my parents and grandparents walked up to me. "Hey honey," Mom said.

"Hey," I said.

"We have a BIG surprise for you!" Grandma said. Ooh, I love surprises!

"What is it?" I asked curiously.

"Well, the man with the barn that Fairy was at obviously got arrested, and his farm was for sale. So, you and your grandmother bought it, and your parents helped us fix up the house and the barn. Now, it's ready for a horse or two, so we are letting you adopt Fairy and one other horse," Grandpa said happily.

No. Way.

"Really?!" I half screamed.

"Yes!" my grandma laughed.

"Wow, okay!" I said.

"What other horse would you like to adopt? We already had Fairy's adoption forms signed, so you can pick another horse. Do you want a big horse, or a mini?" Mom asked. It would be nice to have a mini, I don't think I can be able to have 2 big horses.

"I'll get a mini," I chirped.

"Let's go have a look at them then!" Dad said, and we headed off towards the mini's barn.

Boy, I wish Banana wasn't adopted, cause I would've adopted her.

A while later, me and my family decided on adopting Max. He was a black and white paint, with blue eyes! He was so sweet, and soon enough, Fairy and Max were headed towards their new home with me.

A perfect way to end a perfect day.


Cadee's POV

I felt bad for Knight. He didn't get adopted because everybody was scared of him! He was not showing his sweet side today. He almost bit a little girl's finger off.

I was also nervous. Mrs. Jones called me to her office, so I'm heading there now.

I walked up to the door, and knocked. "Come in!" Mrs. Jones called, and I opened the white wooden door, and walked in and sat down.

"I called you in here because I have some news about Knight. The head of the Rescue Horse Association was here today, and she observed Knight all day. She said since he will not take to anyone except you, he is unadoptable. The only way we can keep him is if you come here at least a few times a week and help take care of him, or they are seizing him and if he doesn't show any improvement, he will be euthanized. I already talked to your parents, and they agreed to let you do it, but only if you want to," Mrs. Jones said.

Wow. That's a lot to take in. But I already know my answer.

"I'll do it," I said.

"Thank you so much! You have just saved a horse's life today," Mrs. Jones said, and that made me smile. I love Knight, and he loves me. I couldn't let him die, never.

I walked out of the small office, and straight to Knight's stall.

"You're safe! And sort of mine!" I said, and wrapped his neck in a hug. He rested his head on my shoulder, and we stood there for a while. I had sealed our fate, and now we will be together for as long as Knight lives. Now, he has a forever home here, with me. Sort of.


Marie's POV

I was in tears a little bit. Angel got adopted, but it's okay. She is going to teach kids how to ride at Lucky Horseshoe Stables, which is pretty close to here. I'm happy for her, but I'm sad that I don't get to see her everyday.

I walked to my parents' car with all my bags. I sighed as I threw my bags in the trunk.

"Hi Marie, why are you sad?" Mom asked. She knows when I'm sad. I sigh a lot and don't talk very much.

"I just miss Angel," I say.

"Well, we have good news for you then. We have signed you up for weekly lessons there, but only if you want to," Mom said.

"Yes!!!" I exclaimed. I still get to see Angel. My sweet, sweet, Angel!

My parents smiled, and then I said my thank you's and goodbyes, (which were a lot of them!), and got in the car, and headed off towards home.

Liv's POV

"Liv, can we talk for a minute?" Mom said. She, Dad, and Mrs. Jones are all standing together. This looks suspicious.

"Sure," I said cautiously.

"Here you go," my dad said, and handed me a skinny, leather binder.

"What is this?" I asked, and opened it up. I gasped at what I saw.

Tye's papers.

A signed adoption sheet.

And an unsigned contract.

"Wait, Tye's mine?!" I whispered/exclaimed shakily.

"Yes Liv. By going to this camp, and showing us what you are capable of with a horse, we feel you are ready to take on your own horse. Mrs. Jones has agreed to let him stay here. There is a contract that you need to sign, though. On it, you have to agree to care for him in the mornings, after school, and in the evening. Basically, you have to do his chores in the morning, visit him after school, and do his evening chores. Everyday. And be willing to help out with any other tasks or chores the Jones have for you. Do you agree?" Mom stated.

"Yes!" I said.

"Great! Just sign the contract, and he's all yours!" Mrs. Jones said.

I took a pen, and signed Olivia Miller. I started to hand the binder back, but Mrs. Jones said,"No, it's yours to keep."

"Thank you so so much!" I exclaimed, and hugged my parents. "Wait, I thought he was on hold," I said.

"Yeah, he was on hold for you!" Mom said. That made perfect sense.

I smiled and hugged my parents again, then ran off towards the barn to tell Tye the good news.

A/N: hi everyone! So basically, this is the last real chapter, but I'm doing an epilogue. Thank you for reading to this point, and I know that everything has a happy ending, but if it weren't, it would bother me a lot. Sorry for the predictable mushy ending!! Please vote and comment how you liked this book:)

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