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The last day of the holidays came around slowly. After my meeting with the Potters I had been isolated to my house with only my family to keep me company for weeks. Going back to Hogwarts was a prosperous thought and it was the only thing that made me happy about getting out of bed.

I was actually enjoying homework and the task of becoming acquainted with my new books. It was the only thing that was keeping me connected to the wizarding world.

That, letters and the Daily Prophet. The headlines were getting more and more terrifying as the days went on. More and more attacks from Voldemort's group, who had labeled themselves with the morbid name Death Eaters, and the count of injured and dead were escalating. The Ministry had even began to send out warnings and means of protecting your family from attack.

This worries me.

My family have no protection against these attacks, but muggles are highly involved. Voldemort's followers are known to despise Muggles and with my Muggleborn blood, I make the odds of an attack higher.

On the last day of the holidays I made this aware to my parents and sister.

We were eating a roast dinner, my parents discussing their work, and Petunia trying her best to avoid my eye contact. My heart throbbed every time she did this. Ever since I had gone to Hogwarts we had grown apart, her hatred for my magic was the wall between us. We were inseparable once, I followed her like a lost puppy, but now it was like I disgusted her.

"Mum, Dad," I said worriedly, after they had finished their conversation. "There is something I have been worrying about and I figured I should tell you now before I leave for Hogwarts."

My parents looked at me with concern, but my sister just sneered when I mentioned my school.

"There is a group of my kind who are going around and," I paused, wondering how I could best put this. "Well, they're killing muggles- I mean, non-magic people, like you. They hate your kind and anyone involved with them, like me, and well, I was hoping you'd let me put some protective spells around the house."

The effect was immediate. Petunia glared at my parents in outrage and began to express her complete hate for the idea. "Mum! You can't let her! I'm not having my home turned into some kind of freak show! What will the neighbours think?"

I frowned. "They wouldn't know. The spells would be invisible to them. I just want to put up some protection to make it harder for this house to be found and safer. Nothing major."

My mother rubber her forehead. "I don't know, honey. Is it really necessary?"

How could I make people who had not seen what I knew understand this?

"Yes, Mum, it's getting serious. They're saying this could be the beginning of war!" I softened my voice. "I just want to make sure your safe while I'm not here. Please."

My Father and Mother exchanged a look of worry but then seemed to come to a silent agreement. "Okay, Lily, but do it in the back garden were you can't be seen."

Petunia pushed her chair back and I squeaked on the wood, storming up the stairs.

"Thanks, Mum."


The Hogwarts Express glistened before me and I could feel the magic pulsing off it. I already felt more at home, with the people of my kind.

Kids jostled about me, hauling their trunks onto the train and calling out to their friends. Parents stood in groups as they conversed. It was funny to hear them.

Some parents talked about the football game that had been on last night. Others about the up coming war.

I turned to my smiling parents to bid then farewell.

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