[Enrique P.o.v]

Chapter 47

The Hospital staff were quick to take her.

Couple of people had crowded around to see when I brought her in.

As usual we had to wait in the waiting room , I hated the waiting room now and days !

I paced around in the waiting room as the rest of Cheren crew showed up.

"Hey what room is she in ? Cause there's mad commotion in the hallway about some patient in 265b ," Brandon asked as he came in to the room.

I furrowed my eye brows ," That's her room ," I said confused.

We all ran into the hall way , lost as hell. We ran down by her room to 265b and there were people with Cameras trying to snap pictures everytime someone would open her room door.

Two tall and two average girls in heels and that same photographer from our graduation walked passed us headed towards Lisa's room with two huge security looking men.

What the hell is going on here.

They pushed the men with Cameras out the way , making the two buff security stand fairs as they entered.

"Wait how the Fuck can they get in her room but we can't ?" Dot said exactly what I was thinking.

"Am I the only one thinking whose them people that went in her room ?" Erica said scratching her head.

"Imma call Kyle , he's been wondering where Li was." Tori said.

"Nah , Wah di rass !" I shouted angry it made no sense I brought her and couldn't get in her room.

"Allow it ! I'm going in their , " Erica said as she marched over to the door with the rest of us hot on her trail.

"How is it we can't get in but them five went in their ?" Erica shouted toward the body guard , "Where is the rass clot doctor , I want answers !" Erica yelled.

"Excuse me but Mr. Young said no one else to enter the room besides the people already in their and doctors and nurses . So please back up along with these stupid paparazzi ," he said moving his body right smack in front of the door.

Paparazzi ? Huh ? Why the hell were they infront of Lisa's doe for?

"No one can see the Model Lisa Whitell , now back up," the other body guard said.

"Model?" We all said at the same time.

She's a model ?

"Nah , that's my girlfriend ! I brought her here ! It makes no sense I can't get in," I argued.

"Well wait till she gives us orders to let you in , until then go wait in the waiting room with your friends pretty boy , " the body guard said laughing with the other.

"Your her boyfriend ?" One of the paparazzi's shouted then they started snapping pictures at me.

Dot stood infront of me pushing me away from the snapping cameras.

What the Fuck is going on here ?

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