Chapter 30

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✷ chapter 30 ✷

✷ Chris

"Tell me something I don't know about you." I said to Natalie when we finished eating her favorite meal.

We were listening to the sound of the ocean moving beneath the boat.

"Well I use to sing a lot." She told me.

My eyes shot open a little bit. "Really? Why didn't you tell me. You know I love music." I replied back scolding her for not telling me.

"Well I don't really wanna act on it. I love dancing more then singing and I would love to pursue a dancing career." She explained to me.

A light shined in her eyes when she talks about dancing and that's how I know it's something she really wants to do.

I have to help her some how.

"Why don't you show me some of your moves?" I questioned her sending her a smile.

"I don't know." She replied back shyly.

I smacked my lips. "Come on! Dance for me baby." I encouraged her.

She smiled a little bit. "Okay sure but don't make fun of me." She told me before standing up.

"I promise I won't." I replied back pulling out my phone.

"Put on love me like you do by Ellie Goulding." She told me.

I nodded my head , went to YouTube, & typed the song name into the search bar. [how she is dancing is in the MM, sorry if you can't see it]

The song started to play and she sat on the ground.

When Ellie started to sing she begun to flow with the music.

I could tell that she would have a great career in dancing and I've set my goal to help her with her career to dance, no matter how long it takes.

Once the song ended and she stopped dancing I started to clap.

"You did amazing!" I exclaimed walking over to her and kissing her.

She looked down while blushing and smiling. "Thank you Chris."

I pulled her head up and looked into her eyes.

"You really have some talent." I told her.

She blushed some more and leaned in to kiss me.

I leaned forward and our lips connected.

We started to making out and I lifted her into my hands.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I took her to the lower part of the boat where there is a bedroom for us to sleep in.

I laid her down on the bed before climbing on top of her.

"I love you." I mumbled before going back to her lips.

She pulled up my shirt indicating that she wanted me to take it off.

I took my shirt off showing off my very toned stomach and then I took off her sundress leaving her in her bra and underwear.

We instantly started touching all over each other.

She rubbed her hands all up and down my stomach and I sucked on the skin near her neck leaving love bites all over her.

"Chris....I want you now." She moaned out.

I looked up into her eyes to see pure lust.

"Are you sure? I don't want to take your virginity if you're not ready baby. I can always wait for another time." I told her.

As much as I want to have her I'll wait for her for how ever long she needs

She shook her head. "I'm sure Chris." She replied back.

I nodded my head.

I then made sweet love to her.

I made sure that she was satisfied.

Baby lets get naked just so we can make sweet love.... Do you guys remember when that song came out? I listened to that song like a billion times.

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