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Annabeth's POV
I woke up to an alarm at 6:00 the next morning. I immediately jumped out and quietly got ready to leave to see our new house before school started. I ran to the top of Half-Blood hill. The rest of the 7 and Calypso were already there. I was the most awake (except for Calypso). Jason looked half asleep and was leaning against Thalia's tree. Piper was sitting on her suitcase starting off into space. Hazel was leaning against Frank who's eyes were drooping. Leo was randomly summoning fire while muttering fire fire fire in a groggy voice. Calypso bound up to me and said,

"Thank the gods you are finally here. I am ready to go to mortal school, but all the others are falling asleep."

I sighed and did my best New York taxi cab whistle. Everyone jerked awake.

"Alright everyone. Into the van, into the van." I demanded. Everyone hoped into the van not wanting to mess with me.
Everyone hoped out and breathed in relieve. Sitting in a car full of ADHD demigods isn't an experience you want to have. Leo hopped out last and showed us the helicopter he had made. I turned around and gasped. There was the mansion we were going to stay in. The architecture was amazing! It was so, Greek. I had a suspicion that my mom designed this. I ran inside and gasped again. The interior was more amazing than the exterior! The entrance hall was big and open and had two doors on either side. There was a grand staircase in front of us and a map of the mansion next to the stairs. I walked through the door to the right and found myself in a kitchen. The kitchen had an open bar sort of thing that led out to the dining room. I walked through an arched door way to my left and found myself in a living room with 5 couches and 2 elevators. There were also huge windows that showed the backyard, and a flat screen TV. The others walked in and Jason and Leo immediately shouted,

"Cool! X-box!"

Of corse, there was an X-box with the TV. Jason and Leo ran over and the TV clicked on.

"Live broadcasting from Mt. Olympus." Said the TV. Than a video of the Olympian throne room showed up.
"Hello demigods." Zeus said. "Welcome to your new house. We designed it."

Hera took over. "Each of your rooms was designed by your Olympian parent (Hera designed Calypso's room). There are 3 floors and a basement in this house. The first floor is living room, kitchen, and dining room. On the second floor, a training room and girls cave. On the 3rd floor, your rooms. In the basement, man cave and game room."

"Outside there are gardens made by Demeter and an outdoor waterpark and indoor pool sponsored by me." Poseidon said. After that the TV turned off.

"Ok." I said. "Let's go see our rooms."
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