the escape!!! ch.8

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hey guys I couldn't wait to write so her it is and I would like to dedicate this to a good friend of mine who has been through a lot of things with me so to the people I can't dedicate this to so Aimee, Beth, Charlotte, Sarah, Becci, and Max enjoy.

ha ha love my titles they make me laugh.



God he got me why did I have to be so stupid. I sent a silent messages to the girls.

R: Girl's quick as you can go get your suitcases and stick mine in the trunk of my car will you.

J,B,C: We got your back Thunder.

R: Great girls, I'm court and you've got my back. Nope I definitely think it's Sam who has me BY THE WAIST.

With that the girl's made a dash, the boys left us in private. I struggled to get free but Sam had me pinned to his chest, Damn him for being so strong. He turned me in his arm's but I refused to look him in the eye.

"Baby, what did I do wrong? Was it about last night is that it? Did I hurt you because I didn't mean to I promise." Sam spoke softly to me with a sad look in his eye. Oh, no! I know what he's doing he's trying to make me sorry for him. Well it isn't going to happen I silently laughed to myself.

I leaned in to kiss him, his grip on my waist loosens so I grabbed his arms and pulled them away from me, I jumped up surprising him and made a mad dash around the kitchen counter. He ran after me after 5 minuets. Plenty of times for the girls to pack the trunk me and Sam are both laughing. While he was distracted trying to breath I grabbed the keys of the counter and made a mad dash to my car. I saw the girls who looked at me smirking I unlocked the car and screamed,

"Quick, get in before he realizes I'm not trying to get my breath back; from running around the kitchen dodging him!" I saw the boys running to the door we got in the car and I laughed "Quick lock your doors." We girls started to laugh and the boy's tried to open the door. "Rosalinda where do you think your going?" I looked at the girls and we all laughed and screamed at them "ROAD TRIP SLEEPOVER, WHOOPEE!" And with that we waved and I blew Sam a kiss and drove off. Ha ha shows them who can crash a sleepover.


a long drive and a plane over there


Finally we have arrived in Ibiza, capital of the party's yay. I turned my phone on to have 45 missed calls and 120 messages all off the boys saying ether, 'you better bring them back unharmed' from Mitch 'don't leave her on her own' Dinex 'have fun and watch over my Jenna for me' Taylor 'I swear your going to be Mitch's dead meat when you get back as for us boys were going to Ibiza when you are camping somewhere' off Sam. Ha that's what he thought. I sent a quick one back to Sam saying, "Tell the boys not to worry because were your going were closer than you think and the tent and sleeping bags were all a diversion you really think we would go camping, you don't know us that well for mate's do you!" The girls were tired and I was too we went to are hotel it was fablouse. We all fell asleep as soon as our head's hit the pillow.


I thought I would end it there but then I thought I could do a little bit of sam but then I thought no my fingers hurt from typing so I will write to you on sunday because I'm going out tomorrow enjoy you evening and day (4 tomozz) and I will write soon

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