Eyes On Her

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Part 28

Demi POV-

I know what I've done to Y/N but it's all about playing the games. What's a relationship without fun games? Drive a girl crazy, just make her more crazy in the sheets and definitely when I've not had it for months on end, it's hard for me not to just throw Y/N on the bed and give her want she wants but no, I'm making her wait, this what I have planned is more important.
Shit that's a thought I need to pick the ring up... Now I need one good excuse here...

Demi-" baby whilst your still getting ready I'm just nip out for a min okay?"

Y/N-" *comes closer* Demi you can go out you don't have to ask but first I need to do this"

Y/N picks Demi up and slams her against the wall, holding her up by her ass. Starts kissing her slowly moving down to her jaw line then followed by her neck sucking and nibbling a little, Demi trying to push herself into Y/N but you don't allow it, you put her back down taking her blazer off, throwing on the floor start undoing her polo, slowly taking that off.. Demi is just in shocked so she's just letting you do whatever you like right now, you push her against the wall one hand on her hip and the other making its way around her back unclipping her bra. You look at Demi's face and she's not handling this one bit.. You can see it in her eyes she wants you, she's pulling at your hair with one hand and "trying" to pull you into her but nah... Your the boss tonight 😏

You pick Demi up and lying her on the bed, you bend down to reach something from under the bed you tell Demi to close her eyes or you wouldn't show her what you can in store for her.. She does as she's told,

*10mins later*

Demi-" Y/N you bitch!!!! Get these off me now!!!"

Y/N-" babe shh okay. They only handcuffs *laughs* Don't open your eyes till I say okay?"

Demi-" hmm okay but I need to go out and we need to leave the house by 8'o clock"

Y/N-" okay what?"

Demi-" I don't know... Tell me? Ugh can I not open my eye yet"

Y/N-" okay boss? Say it. No I'll tell you when you can if you do it before you'll not like what I have planned if so..."

Demi-" fuck me... Like now you have turned me on just get to it"

Y/N goes to the bedroom quickly gets ready walked back into the bedroom

Y/N- "Demi you may open your eyes"

Demi-" omg omg you look fucking hot!!!!!!! I love that nurse outfit on you"

Shhh baby, you get in between Demi legs open them a little wider so your comfy, you just giving her orders, "ass up now" she does what you say you slide her jeans off followed by her underwear. "Mmmmm" without Demi knowing you push your tongue deep inside her you just feel the hot liquid hit your tongue, giving her the pleasure you slowly pull your tongue out and flick it against her clit, she jolts forward.

You stop jump up off the bed and telling Demi to get ready because she was taking you out. You go into the bathroom and sort yourself out. After like 20 mins you walk back into the bed where Demi is sat up right on the bed all ready. But Demi kind of got her back against the bathroom door so when Demi heard the door open, you see her out something back in her pocket. You didn't think nothing of it as you just thought she was putting her phone back so you didn't think she was being rude whilst with you, Demi is cute she was always like that never on her phone unless it was important. Because to Demi you was her main priority. Demi turned around to you, You just laugh at her because of the look she's giving you.

With that you both leave the house and Demi finally taking you out like she wanted.

Demi has booked a table at your fave place ever, actually it was the first place she took you on a date and ever since then you have loved that place.

You and Demi are seated, convo is flowing talking about what you both been up to whilst been away from each other and how's work blah blah..

Demi-" so Y/N I have a question, have you ever thought about marriage?"

Y/N-" oh hmm.. Yeah I guess, no I mean I have. Why you asking?"

Demi-" guess?? Oh you know just wondering if you have, but more importantly have you ever thought about it with us?"

Y/N-" well the answer would be yeah I have, and well yeah of course I have baby. Because I really think your the one, I have never thought of marrying before but with you it's different every different. You do something to me I don't know what after these two years but I don't want this feeling to go, never."

Demi-" aw near make me cry!! Well, Y/M/N *gets up from seat* I think you're the most beautiful, wonderful, perfect girlfriend, and I don't want to waste more time you just being "my girlfriend" I want you to be my wife. So Y/N will you marry me??"

At this point the whole restaurant has stop and turning to Demi that is on one knee on the floor with the perfect beautiful Diamond ring in her hand.

Y/N -" *starts crying* OMG Demi I would love to marry you!! The answer is yes YES!!"

Yet again the whole restaurant as started clapping and cheering, all the woman coming looking at Y/Ns ring saying how you have one special girl there and Demi is a keeper.

Oooooooooo so they're getting marry eyyy!!😜 but are they going to though that's the thing because what I have in store it might just not end up that way 😏 all about keeping you readers on your toes 😊

Any input drop me a message or even if you just want a chat message me because I am pretty bored 😒

Loveyous 😘

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