"I'm sorry, Your Highness, but stop there. I cannot allow you to enter until you have proven you are Princess Daiya," one of the armed women said, causing Daiya to tilt her head and peer at her with confusion. This wasn't what she had expected at all.

"I'm sorry?"

"Orders from Lady Proud, ma'am. We are not to let anyone through until they have proven their identity. She was very adamant about that, and said that even you and your husband, Lord Proud, were not exempt from this order. So if you would please," the other explained and now Daiya sighed softly.

"How exactly am I supposed to prove my identity? I don't exactly carry around papers that say I am the Crown Princess of Elothia..." she replied to the two guards, silently cursing Aura in her mind for this layer of protection. The one who could change the way she looked was on their side now, so there really wasn't a need for this.

"Normally a person coming into the palace is required to have acquired papers of identification from the Council of Lords, but since you have been at the front since this rule was created we have been told to ask to see the back of your hand."

"The back of my hand? You mean you want to see my engagement rune?" she asked and now both guards nodded their heads, never once lowering their focuses from pointing at her. "Very well. It's a good thing I never had it removed after the wedding."

Daiya now held the hand in question out towards the two women, moving it gently back and forth in the light so they could see the mark of the Proud family etched onto her skin with magic. Normally the engagement rune would have been removed from both her and Richard during their wedding ceremony, but Daiya had thankfully asked the bishop who had performed it to leave them on. She had used that very rune to locate Richard's whereabouts on his world, so she decided to keep it just in case she ever needed to do something like that again. It was just too large and too confusing of a place to try and find him without some sort of magical help.

Then again the rune wouldn't be that much help if she couldn't get to him within four days time, at her best estimation. Any longer than that and she would most likely lose the power of the rune because of the low magic content on that world.

"This seems to be in order. It's nearly impossible to replicate this rune without the consent of the family involved." the mage who had first spoken now said as she nodded her head, and now both women lowered their hands and stepped back from her. "We're very sorry for this inconvenience, Your Majesty."

"It's alright. You're just doing your jobs. May I enter the throne room now?" she asked and once more the women nodded and then started to open the heavy doors for her.

"You may, Princess. Queen Reiea is currently taking lunch in the tea room to the left."

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