Chapter Two

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***Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. With everything going on in my life and having just lost my dog, who I had had for over 13 years, I just haven't been all that into writing. I am trying to overcome that and get more content out. So even if it doesn't look like I am updating any more, or there are two or more weeks between a post, just know that I am still working on it. Hopefully I can get back to a better schedule soon. Sorry again.***

Chapter Two

Catching Up

Daiya deftly slid from the dark leather saddle on Cotaz's broad back, her booted feet touching the vibrant green grass of the tidy Alysian Palace grounds. She had just spent the last two days flying from her camp near the border of Zygog and every muscle in her body ached in protest at what she had put them through, but now she could finally relax a little and rest. However it was probably Cotaz that needed to rest the most, and as Daiya quickly pulled the saddle from her back the large green dragon groaned and panted, her wings pinned at her sides from exhaustion and a thirsty look in her eyes. She had pushed her a bit hard on the journey, but thankfully Cotaz had the stamina to make it in such fashion. Now she would get the rest, water, and food that she greatly deserved.

After handing over the saddle and reigns to a young attendant woman Daiya left the side lawn and made her way towards the palace itself. Many guards and soldiers filled the grounds as Daiya traversed them, each one of them with their eyes open and alert for anything that might be out of the ordinary. It almost seemed a little over the top, but she knew it was well warranted. The palace had been attacked once already in the last year and their Queen had been killed in the attack. There was also the fact that the new Queen, Reiea, happened to constantly get kidnapped like that was all life had in store for her. So going a little overboard on the security around the palace and their Queen was not that crazy if you took all of that into consideration.

Yet despite all this extra security no one looked twice at Daiya and she was able to enter the palace without being stopped, and once inside the immaculate white halls lined with gleaming armour displays and elegant portraits and paintings she saw that there were just as many people guarding this area as well. Actually maybe there were even more guards inside the palace than there was outside; but then again it could have just seemed that way with all the military officers and leaders who conducted their business at the palace. Either way this place had more people in it than Daiya had ever seen before.

Coming in from one of the side entrances Daiya turned down a rather busy hall and made her way towards the throne room, not entirely sure where she was supposed to go or even what she was supposed to be doing. Her father's letter had barely given her any information other than that she was expected at the palace for some kind of diplomatic mission. She didn't know what that mission entailed or who she was supposed to meet and talk with at the palace.

She was really starting to think this whole thing was a farce created by her father to pull her away from any kind of danger.

Turning one last corner she arrived at the main foyer and approached the guarded double marble doors that led to the seat of power for all of Alysia, and it was here that she was stopped for the first time. Two mages in battle armour, one on each side of the doors, stepped towards her as she neared them and held up their hands, blocking her way while also brandishing their wands.

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