A Poor Girl Who Become A Successful Woman

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There was girl from a poor family. They lived in a squatter area outside the subdivision. Her father already died, so, she was only living with her mother, whose sideline is doing the household chores in the subdivision, and four siblings that had stopped sending at school by their mother due to poverty. She was then an incoming college student.

One day, she told her mother that she will be going to Manila to work. She needs to earn money because she badly wants to study in college. At first, her mother disagreed 'coz she worries that something might happen to her daughter, yet, she did nothing but to let her daughter work there.

The girl went to Manila. She found a work in a house. She was hired as a maid. (The owners, who were her bosses, were members of a religious organization. They had a male child, a grade 3 pupil) Almost all the time, she does the chores. That was very tiring for her.

One day, she went back to Camarines Sur – her province. She told her mother that she can no longer do the works. Then, her mother told her, "How about your desire to study in college if you'll give up?" After her mother told her about that, she went back in Manila because she really needs to study in college. Moreover, Bro. Adam told her to apply the five ideals of life. Then, all she did there is to be patient for the very tiring work she has.

Until she passed the college scholarship and became a college student of the University of the Philippines for Computer Engineering, she told her bosses that she would go to university. Her bosses then agreed. Since she was working, she always goes to UP for night classes from 7pm – 10pm. Then after that, she will do the laundry when she finally got home (her bosses' home). And she will sleep in just two to three hours. (She needs to wake up at 4 for the rosary prayer of the family) until it became her rituals.

Then, she finally graduated college. She went back at Cam Sur to see her family. There was still no improvement at her family's living. One day, she went to church and asked the Lady of Peñafrancia to give her a job. After that, she decided to go back at Manila where she works.

While she was busy cleaning the house, there was a letter came up for her telling her to go at Makati for an interview for a job application through the help of ATT (the largest company of telecommunications in the world). At first, big security guards did not allow her to enter coz they thought that she was a kid for the height of 4'11 or 4'12. But when she showed the letter sent to her, she was then lately allowed to enter the company.

She passed the interview and the next day, she can be able to start her new job. She told her bosses about that and lately let her. After fifteen days, she received her first salary and she was so shocked for what she received—15,000php. (5x bigger than her monthly salary as maid – 3,000php).

And eventually, she went back to Cam Sur and told her mother to continue the postponed study of her siblings. Her siblings graduated college and became successful. They eventually became millionaires.

When the girl visited their old house through the years, it was finally demolished and was replaced by an establishment. And now, her sibling, which is the second child, has now a family.

While her, she was now the ATT supervisor at the age of 35 and presently travels the world and has a salary of 120K per month. "

This is really inspiring. This shows that POVERTY is not a hindrance to success. Take it as a challenge and have faith on Him. Apply the five ideals of life and believe in yourself.

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