Lindsey's point of View
I slithered my way through the hallways to my locker and grabbed my drawing pad. I was in the middle of drawing a cat that had link's clothes on and I was in love with it. I planned on giving it to Meru for her birthday but I might keep it and make her a different one. I flipped through the pages, not really paying attention except for one. It was kinda a self portrait of Emile Jon and Tim. Along with Masae. 'I need to fix this. Because we have a much bigger family now.' I told myself, shutting the book and my locker.
"Hey look at that, the mutes here!" One guys voice. Than another that sounded kinda like it. "No don't you mean the Bitch of Cole's? "

'Son on a Canadian! I forgot Adam and Casper changed classes. Frick... I'm alone ..' I did a Small gulp and sat in the front. Away from Adam and Casper. Probably one of the my many dumb ideas. All through out class crumbled paper balls hit me, causing me to sink further down in my chair.

"Adam and Casper Come up here Right now!" Misses said after about 30 minutes.
"You two will stay after school today and tomorrow and will be cleaning this school. By Wednesday I want to see the floor as clean as it was on the first day of school! You will also have lunch detention for a month because called This young lady a cuss word. I'm sorry Lindsey I didn't notice the crumbles Balls. Don't laugh. I'm talking to you Jimmy! Don't laugh!"
After she said that we all broke down laughing, some face palming. I was one of them. The bell rang and I did a weird face at Casper and Adam and grabbed my stuff. I walked back to my locker and was immediately shoved against it.
"Next time the teacher won't be there to protect you." Adam said. He smacked me hard across my cheek and I hissed out in pain, causing me to drop my sketch book which landed open with the family portrait showing.
"Oh? What do we have here?" Casper teased, picking it up.
"Oh? A family she wished she had? Who names their kid Masae?" Casper laughed, looking at the picture.
"D-don't touch that!" I told them, anger in my eyes.
"Oh would ya look at that. She isn't a mute after all!" Adam laughed, shoving me against the locker harder, holding me there as Casper looked through my sketch book, stopping on a page i recently drew. It was of Cole and I. More or less it was a drawing of our first kiss, I had to colour it in and outline a few places but you could tell who it was.
"Aw She drew Coles and her's first kiss! That's adorable. But..." Casper said as he ripped out the drawing, crumpling it up and stomping on it, causing me to yell at him to stop.
Adam smacked me once more and threw me to the ground. they started kicking me. They stopped a few seconds before the bell."have fun being here! Mute!" They both said, laughing and leaving me. My sketch book had been thrown beside me. I grabbed it and clutched it to my stomach, tears falling.

"Lindsey? Where are you? Lindsey? Lindsey!" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up and saw Meru and Katy running towards me.
"H-help me..." Was the last i said as I passed out.

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