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Chapter 23~ Aiden

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Oops, everyone thinks Dani's missing, but guess what? She's with me.

She showed up to my house in tears. I let her in and took her upstairs. She was a total mess. I laid her on my bed, and tucked her head. I kissed her forehead, and went downstairs, closing the door.

Three hours later, I went back up to my room. She was still sleeping. I had brought up a couple pieces of bacon pizza. My parents didn't know she was here, so I had to be really quiet. I didn't want to bother her since she looked so peaceful. So, I went to play video games for two hours.

When I came back, it was about 4 pm. The pizza was gone, and she was asleep again.

"AIDEN!" My mother shouts my name from downstairs. I quietly leave my room, shutting the door behind me, and then run downstairs.

"Yes, mom?" I say. She looks over at my from her laptop. She has on an overload of mascara, and her hair is wrapped up in a towel. She's wearing a black robe, and there's a green face mask smeared over the skin on her face.

"I need you to go pick up dinner from that Chinese place a couple miles away. We already ordered it so just say you're here to pick up Lori's order, okay?" She states.

"Alright, be back soon," I reply.


When I get back, I'm carrying four plastic bags full of food that smells amazing, but feels like I'm carrying bricks. I drop the food off in the kitchen, say I am not hungry yet, and then go upstairs. Dani sits on my bed with her back against the wall. Her knees are up to her chest, and she's clinging on to them as if she'll die if she lets go of them.

"Hey," I say, closing the door behind me, and then I sit next to her.

"Hi," she mumbles, looking down at her feet.

"I know you probably don't want to talk about it, but what made you come here?" I ask.

"I-I had n-nowhere else to g-go," she answers, and I see tears rolling down her cheeks. I wrap my arms around her and cradle her, as she begins to sob on my shoulder.


A half hour or so later, I go downstairs to eat. When I come back up, I bring a plate full of food for Dani. Since I ate alone, no one noticed that I was bringing another plate of food. She thanks me, and then slowly begins eating it.

"What?" She asks, probably noticing that I was watching her eat. It had been ten minutes and she was almost half way done.

"Nothing, just you have a little bit of soy sauce above your lip," I answer.

"Oh," she whispers. She tries to get it but misses, so I take my thumb and wipe it off. I lick my thumb, and then we just stare at each other. I lean in to kiss her, and she doesn't move.

"I can't," she mutters.

"I'm sorry," I mumble.

"No, it's okay. Honestly, I don't know what I'm doing here. My best friend is dead and her mothers gone. I feel like I can't trust Jonah. I can't go to Kyle because he reminds me of Shay too much. I don't know why I came like I said. You were dating my best friend before she di- passed on," she explains, and tears begin to fill up in her eyes. Then, they all come pouring out.

"I only dated her to make you jealous," I mumble as I begin comforting her.

"What? Really?" She replies, wiping her eyes, and sitting back up. I realize that as I took her in my arms her plate spilled the rest of her food on my bed, but I ignore it.

"You know I am kind of with Jonah though," she adds after I tell her yes.

"It's not cheating if it's not official," I mutter, and this time when I lean in to kiss her, she doesn't stop me.


About ten minutes later, Dani decides she wants to take a shower. So, I go get her a towel and some of my mom's old sweats. During her shower, I clean up all the food on my bed. When she's done with her shower, she walks out wearing leggings and a loose fitting shirt. Her hair is drenched and looks dark brown. I was so happy when I found out she went back to her ginger hair, I always thought it looked way better.

"Can I sleep in your bed?" She asks.

"I am going to have to sleep in the bed with you... is that okay?" I question.

"Well, your bed is king size so I guess it is alright," she mumbles, and then climbs in. I tuck her in, and kiss her forehead.

"I'm going to go change and brush my teeth and stuff and then I will be back, okay?" I tell her, and she nods.


I come back about ten minutes later to see she has already dozed off. So, I crawl into bed, and soon, I doze off too.


In the morning, I have Dani sneak out through my window. She walks to her car (which is parked far away from the house so my mom can't see it) and changes into some normal clothes. Then, she drives and parks in front of the house. She walks up and pretends like she wasn't here last night.

"Honey, Danielle is here!" My mother calls me down, and I walk with a big smile on my face.

"She was wondering if she could stay a few nights," my mother states.

"Well, can she?" I ask.

"Well, it's not like she wasn't here last night," my mother answers. Dani and I both drop our jaws.

"It's fine, it's fine, just stay in the guest room this time, okay? Just to be safe, I know you aren't still together but-" she adds, and then I cut her off.

"Thank you so much," Dani states, and gives my mom a hug. Then, she heads upstairs and puts her suitcase in the guest bedroom.

Well, isn't this week going to be fun?

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