School. Uggggg.

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Percy's POV
I was sitting by the canoe lake with Annabeth watching the sunset. Annabeth leaned in and than...
Stupid alarm clock. I hit the silence button and herd a sickening crack. Dam it. I broke another alarm clock. I hopped out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans and a sea-green sweatshirt. I ran downstairs and sat down at the table. My mom placed a plate of hot blue pancakes in front of me. I snarfed them down and ran to the door.

"By mom!" I called. "Oh. And buy another clock for me! I accidentally broke mine again."

"By Percy!" She called. I ran to the elevator and pressed the ground level button. The elevator dinged open and I ran outside to the car that my dad got me for my 17th birthday and drove to school. I parked and hopped out. I scanned the area and saw my mortal friends Alex, Mark, Lexi, and Zoë. I ran over to them and said,

"Hi guys!"

"Hay Perc!" Zoë called back. Zoë is really cool. She has long black hair with blue highlights, blue eyes, and an attitude that makes me think of Thalia when I am around her (they would have gotten along). Today, Zoë was in skinny jeans and a plain black T-shirt. Lexi is a smart girl with curly black hair, blue eyes, and glasses with purple rims. She always wears skirts and blouses. Today she was purple. Alex and Mark are twins and they are on the swim team with me. They both have dirty blond hair, green eyes, and freckles. They are the sort of pranksters that would get along well with the Stolls. Today they were wearing the same outfit (T-shirt and jeans), but Mark had on blue and Alex had on green. We all talked until the first bell rang. As we walked inside, Lexi and Zoë were called to the office to show around some new students, so Mark, Alex, and I headed to our lockers. We were all right next to each other in order from left to right was, me, Zoë, Alex, Mark, Lexi. To the right of me were 7 empty lockers. We grabbed our stuff and headed to our first class, English with Paul.
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