Chapter 37

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"Do you want me to call the police?" Liz asked as she comfortingly rubbed my arm.

"No mum. Don't call the police." Luke blurted out. "I'm finishing this tonight." Luke said and ran downstairs. I don't even want to know what he means..

Mia's POV

After Luke's outburst and him running down the stairs, I followed him to find out what exactly he plans to do. I would never think of Luke as a naturally angry person, he's actually very gentle and loving. The only times he has ever gotten violent or angry is when Josh is involved, stupid Josh.

"Luke, what are you doing?" I asked as I saw Luke slipping his Vans on.

"I need to go talk to the boys. As much as I want to have the satisfaction of taking Josh down on my own, I can't do it by myself."

"Why don't you just leave it? Calum is busy, Michael isn't even here right now, and Ashton is packing his stuff so I doubt he wants to be bothered right now." I said trying to dissolve the situation.

"What are you-? He just called and threatened you, me, and our kids Mia! I'm not about to, "leave it". If that idiot thinks he's going to lay a hand on me, fine I don't care. He's not about to harm MY family."

"You're being ridiculous! He isn't going to do anything! He's bluffing!"

"And if he's not? Do you honestly think you have any idea what you're talking about? He's come close to raping you, not to mention the huge bruise he left on your stomach! I don't think he's ever bluffed in his life! I'm doing this to protect you!" Luke said. It just occurred to me that me and Luke are having an argument right now...a pretty loud one.

"I don't need you to protect me Luke! Stop treating me like a baby, I can take care of myself!" I yelled.

"I'm sorry that I care about you I guess. Is that what you want? An apology? I'm sorry that I protect you and love you. I'm so so sorry!" Luke said with sarcasm basically dripping from his mouth.

"You know what Luke? I don't need you to protect me, to care about me, or to love me. I really don't! And I also don't need your freaking sarcasm! If you want to go out there and put yourself AND your friends in danger just to pick a fight, be my guest!"

"I'm picking the fight? Mia! Listen to yourself! This is Josh we're talking about here, the jerk who broke your heart and then almost broke your rib too! Why are you defending him, PROTECTING him?!?" Luke asked, his voice pleading for answers.

"I just don't think you'll be able to handle yourself. You're a dad now, you can't just go out and fight whenever you feel like it! That's not how dads are supposed to act! You need to be there and not a bloody mess!" I yelled once again.

"How would you know how dads are supposed to act?!? Your dad doesn't even love you! If he did, he'd be here! He wouldn't have let your mom kick you out! He wouldn't have hit you!" Luke yelled. For the first time during this argument, I didn't know what to say. What Luke said hurt, a lot.

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