(29) Table for two please !

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" Lets go, the folks are waiting for us " Jason said

" Ye-yes " Jennifer answered and grab on the taxi and went to the eiffel tower to have dinner

                                                               [ Eiffel Tower] 

" We arrived to early, its still 4:00 (pm) " Jennifer implied

" Yeahh, how about we use the free time to stroll around the eiffel tower? " Jason requested

" Sure! that would be great! " Jennifer happily agreed

" Lets go! ^_^ " Jason said and handed his right hand

" Okay! ^_^ " Jennifer replied and hold Jason's Hand, then they walk, toured and strolled around the eiffel tower.


" Hey there lovely couple! ^_^ " an Old man greeted to Jennifer and Jason, they both got the old man's attention

" hello ^_^ " They both answered

" Would you like to buy some of my paintings? " The old man asked, And Jennifer took a peek at the old man's Paintings, and she got her attention on Just One painting

" We're sorry, we are not interes--- " Jason said and cut off by Jennifer

" Can you paint the both of us? " Jennifer kindly asked

" we will buy that painting of us " Jennifer added

(A/N: kung wala na gets, ung bang bibilhin daw nila ung painting na silang dalawa ang pinaint XD ay ambot! XD)

" Oh! alright! ^_^ " The old man happily agreed and made Jennifer and Jason sit on the Bench

" Please pose, and dont move for 10 minutes ^^ " The old man happily implied and so Jason hold Jennifers Hands, then Jennifer leaned her head on Jason's Shoulder, they closed their eyes and smiled, The old man started to draw then paint

                                           +++++++ After 15 minutes +++++++

(A/N: Tapos na po na paint in 10 mins. at yung extra 5 mins. po is yung pag papatuyo ng painting, Hope you understand, Hehehe ^_^)

" Here " The old man said as he finished wrapping the painting and gave it to the lovely couple: Jennifer and Jason ^_^

" Thank you very much " Jason said and took the painting

" Here, Our pay ^_^ " Jennifer Happily said and gave the money to the old man, the old man took the money and checked it

" L-lady! this money is to much! " The old man said and looks like panicking at the same time very glad

" No, its okay, you can keep it, For your living or ..............

                                       ............. For someone you want to save =) " Jennifer happily implied to the old man, the old man was shock from what Jennifer said and then he cried a lot, Jennifer hugged him and comforted him

* sniff * S-she's.. she's Dying.... * Cries very loud * t-the doctor said.. she need's a surgery, b-but i dont have e-enough money, s-so i tried to sell the p-paintings that i've made with my daughter " The old man explained as he cried and cried

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