Chapter 6: Insanity

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It was black. Black as night. Black as the wisps of smoke that rose into the sky from the mouth of a darkened cave. Morbidly captivating, elusive-- A crackle. It snaps into life with the ferocity of penetrating strength, deep crimson depths like eyes that stare directly into your soul. Sweat, collecting on my brow, feverishly plunging my conscious deeper into the dream. Swallowing me whole, drowning beneath my subconscious, bursting through my skin.

The frigid night swirled like a dense fog, settling light ashes on icy ground. Shafts of moonlight penetrated the aura of ominous foreboding, illuminating the path of a figure winding it's way through the darkness.

Gasping now, fingers clawing at the ground as the image took over. Ravaging her mind, forcing past barriers into the deepest core of secrets.

She twirled on her toes and smiled at her dismal surroundings. No casuistry thoughts flooded her mind as her knee-high leather boots slapped against the wet asphalt. Droplets after droplets fell from the sky, splattering in a halo around her.

She smiled. But her, but her. The ghost inside of her. She grinned, pointedly sharp teeth revealed along taut lips. Mentality was slipping as the person next to her awoke on a flurry.

Dark rivulets of midnight's tears fell into her open mouth as her pale face turned to reflect the soft moonlight. She licked her black lips in relish. Lapping up the taste of warm, pulsating life. The taste of decrepit rust, mixed with the sharp saline and heavy density. Her esurient expression flooding her pixie like figures, distorted with hunger. She appeared innocuous, under a guise of perfect mannerisms.

The Aris resurfaced with a word on her lips, eyes wide and staring blindly, "run."

"Aris! Aris, Aris listen to me! Listen!" Trey grabbed her shoulders, trying to shake her from her nightmare. That's what it was, a nightmare. Right? Her head bobbed, back and forth, back and forth. Weightless, like a doll, motionless like a machine without energy. His voice became shrill, then dappled into hoarse screams of terror. She wouldn't awake until the memory was finished.

The perfect hunter. Everything, from her smile to her aesthetics were entrancing. Her prey fell into her arms welcomingly. Death was her constant companion, and walking in strides with her like a lover. Bodies upon bodies lay in her wake, her silver dagger at her belt, swathed in the rain that surrounded her. The burgundy river trailed like a ribbon behind her.


The revving of engines fell upon his deaf ears as he pulled the girl closer.

"Please, Aris. Wake up! What's wrong? What's wrong?"

It was waking, she thought. The phrase not entirely her own, as it rung through her head like an ominous warning. It was coming. It was back—that which was banished from humanity so long ago. It was gaining strength, feeding off the negativity within her soul to pull itself from the depths of forgotten impulses.

The monster bared its fangs, pushing aside Aris' memories until they crumbled like dust. She was filled with lust. Bloodlust. Death… was written in her eyes, in her movements, the sound of her voice as it hung in the air.

Aris was gone.

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