Next stop, London, England

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".......... That's  all you need Oliveria, and you are set to go, it was nice getting to have you in my school and to have a student like you made my day." Principal Glambert said as he handed me my certificate.

" It as nice knowing you too. It's a shame I won't be here for the ceremony.
But please Mr Glambert, please make sure this letter gets to Jacob on time. " he chuckled lightly.

His thin beard, moving along the sides of his jaw as he smiled.

" Ah, young love. It reminds me of my wife and I. I will definitely give this to him. You can count on me. The ceremony starts exactly when your flight loads. I'll tell him."

"He mustn't know where I'm going, I can't risk that, I myself need some time alone to think about what happened and I need to start fresh. He needs to understand that." I said.

" Then I won't utter a word cross my heart." He said quietly,  almost as if someone could hear us.

" Thank you. I'll give you a call when I arrive. Cheerio. " I said in my best English accent.

"Bye bye kiddo,  don't forget the postcards." He said smiling again.

I left his office, and went into my mom's car. there was a gathering  at Jake's house I'm going to be there for a little bit I told my mom it was important.

" So who is this friend you speak of ? Do I know him, or her. " she interagated.

" Mom, he is just a friend who is going to throw  a together party for everyone before the ceremony tonight and, since I can't attend the ceremony I might as well go say goodbye to them. "

She thought about it for a while, then shrugged. " I guess, as long as you don't miss your ride to the airport.

I hugging her and we soon arrived at home. I picked up my suitcase, and put it in the back of the car.

The school had sent a car to drive me to the airport , I hugged Jean and Cintia.  I was going to see them at the airport.

The driver,  smiled as I entered. he greeted me a Hello , his voice of a thick English accent.

" Good Evening. " I smiled at him in return.

"Where to mylady?" He asked.

" Oh it's just Oliveria, Or Olive, or whichever one to you."

He chuckled, " A lady like you, deserves to be called better names."

I smiled, " Govenci Parker,  Mansion please. "

" Right away." He said as we drove in that familiar direction.

Jake's Pov

"....... and theses go there." I ordered. 

Who new taking care of a party was such a big hassle, its going to be a long time before I ever care for one again.

" Jake, can we please talk?" She annoyed me so much.

"What do you want Madeleine. I have more things to worry about then you."

She scoffed.

" Like looking for a certain someone?"

I stopped , "yes, exactly. "

" What are you going to do when your mother finds out that you are in love with a black girl, and not a small one at that?"

" Who invited her?!" I screamed. " I thought I specifically said not to let a certain someone enter." I said fuming.

" I did." I turned to look at my mother.

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