Chapter Fifteen

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Duke nudged Harper in the arm. "I'll drop you off. " Harper wrinkled her nose. "You sure, you know my car is no sports car."She offered a smile as Duke rolled his eyes playfully and snatched the car keys from her hand. "Come on Harps, let a gentleman. Besides it'll give us chance to catch up." Harper smiled before following Duke outside towards her car.

"So, what's work like?" Duke asked as he pulled the car off the curb. Harper took a sip from her drink before looking over. "Err. It's fine...So how's your new job in the states?" Duke smirked. "Great, I told you, you should come visit some time." Harper nodded her head. "Sure, why not?"

Duke followed Harper's instructions until he reached the skyscraper. He parked outside not far off from the entrance, she still had 15 minutes to spare. Duke switched the igition off and turned in his seat to face Harper. "So, who...was that guy yesterday?" Harper bit her lip. "What guy?" She muttered. Duke smirked. "Near the bathrooms at the bar, I noticed before I even saw you, that guy appeared close. Did you know him?" He asked. Harper felt her cheeks heating up. "N-No, he just asked me a question. I didn't know him..." Harper mumbled before she teased. "Anyone would think your jealous." Duke laughed. "Course I am baby, come here." He pulled Harper into his arms across the gearbox. Harper giggled as she inhaled the scent through his top. Harper didn't feel uncomfortable around Duke, he had been close friend since collegue, at one point though she did remember her slight crush on him but she didn't feel like for him that anymore.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when tapping against the passenger's side window startled her. Harper suddenly turned pale. She sat back before rolling the window down.

"Miss Daniels." James said, his voice alarming her instantly. Duke beside her shuffled in his seat. "Hang on- wasn't-" Harper injected in before he could finish his sentence. "Duke, pick me up later. I'll see you at 5." Duke cocked his eyebrows before nodding. James however couldn't help not to clench his fists at the sight of this man beforehim, he wouldn't admit the anger that washed over him as he noted the way the man longingly held his arms around her. Duke called out as Harper started going out. "Hey, forgetting something?" Harper frowned before Duke leaned over and kissed her cheek. Harper instantly blushed not because he kissed her but the fact the man before her frowned.

"Bye Duke." Harper muttered before he drove off. Harper stood awkardkly looking down to her feet as she felt his heavy stare upon her.

James coughed. "Let's go." Harper nodded before following James, as she looked up, only until now she noticed the black sports car parked not far from where her car was parked with Samuels waiting outside. She saw James briefly nodd at Sameuls before he continued up towards the entrance. His long strides made it diffcult for her to keep up that when they reached the lift, she was grateful that she could take a moments breath. James entered pressing the button before he swiftly turned and pushed Harper against the end wall of the lift. His fingers brushed against her lips as he studied her. "Why do you make it so hard?" He muttered. Harper gasped, she closed her eyes the sensation of his fingers touching her lips sending her wild. When she opened them again he was already out of the doors towards his office. Harper blushed feeling a bit humilated now, she brushed her hands against her skirt before exiting the lift.

James sat at his desk, he was that close to kissing her again. He could have but he didn't. He closed his eyes for a second, imaginging her soft lips against his again. Was he afraid to kiss her again? James sighed before taking his phone out of his pocket as it rang. He brought the phone to his ear, trying to resist a sigh.

"Mr Brewer, James Brewer. Its Jackal Watkins." The voice said firmly. James sat straight into his chair, it was Jackal one of the greatest firms for oil, he was well experienced and would do greatly for the business.

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