|| Chapter 13 ||

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~ Kathleen's POV ~

Nothing can be normal for a moment. There's always someone who wants to destroy Barry's life. Now they want me. Why? How? There's some questions we'll never know the answer.

"Kathleen, you are too quiet. Why we aren't in STAR Labs? Is taking more than normal." Mikkaela said looking at me.

"I-I'm just thinking about some stuff, and yes, I don't know why it's taking so long..." I said buzzing with my car and seeing a big line of cars ahead. "I'll call Barry to pick us." I added, getting my phone and dialing Barry's number.

"Sorry girls, that won't be possible." a male voice said in the radio of our car.

I stopped everything when I heard it. I looked at Mikkaela and apparently, she heard it too. How he did it? I have no idea.

"I hacked your car. So, the place you wanted to go is no longer available. Don't even try to escape cause' the car is locked. It's going to where I am. I'll be waiting. See you soon Kathleen and Mikkaela." the guy said before the car suddenly starts working by itself, making me more scared.

This couldn't get any better.

~ Barry's POV~

 Where's Kathleen? She should have appeared in the door at this time. What if he got her? I'm going to kill him. 

"Where's Kate? and Mikka?" I asked nervous.

"Man, I don't know! I'm trying to locate them but it's getting nowhere!" Cisco answered, trying his hard with his computer.

"Don't worry Barry, they are maybe just in traffic. There's nothing wrong with th-" Caitlin said trying to calm me but got interrupted my my phone ringing.


I picked up, quickly accepting the call. "Kate, where are you? I'm wor-" 

"She's okay. She and her sister are just fine and harmless Flash, or should I say, Barry Allen?" Snart answered, making me angry.


"As long you do everything I say, both of them will be fine. Now shut up and listen." He snapped, making me still nervous and waiting him to say something. 

"Ok. Here's how it's going to be..." 


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