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It's a sleepover plan! In another country? ch.7

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Hi guys, yer I know my grammar is poor, but I really like that you tell me that but please I have feelings, And it hurts when people say my story is crap. I know I use alot of slang but that'sbecause I live in Liverpool yay go Liverpool! And I use a lot of it with my friends who make you ROFL every 2 minutes, my friends and family are awesome and I wouldn't trade them for the world so plz vote because it makes me feel better and I write more as well. Oh other than that I am going to write a new story but I'm not going to upload till I have like 10 chapters in advances its simpler then so her is the next part ENJOY!



I got the girls up around 7 AM. After last night we deserved a rest if you now what I mean. I had planned a surprise trip for the girls a few weeks ago as a moving in gift. Even if it was me who moved and then they moved in with the packs house a block away. Yes, we had the main house and then the pack house, for the other wolfs and also because I hate sharing with the boys.

We went on a short run, I posted a letter to the pack house saying:

'Hi guys and gals,

                                 Rosalinda here, me and a few off the girl are going to be gone for 3 days. Now matter what Mitch, Dinex, Sam, and Taylor are only to now that the sleepover has been extended to 3 days in a field somewhere. NOT and I repeat NOT in a roasting hot country somewhere abroad okay see you guys and gals soon

Love from,

Rosalinda, Becci, Charlotte and Jenna

p.s we ask you don't tell because they are our mate's.'

We ran back to the house and got out are stashed cloths and suitcases by now it was 7:30 AM and they boys should be waking up. As a diversion I grabbed two tents four sleeping bags and three backpack's. I saw Taylor pushing Sam down the stair's, Sam then bumped into Mitch, Who sent Dinex flying off the second to last step. We girls looked at each other and shook are head's in disapproval I sent the girl's a silent message

(A/N a silent message is were ether the girls are sending a message boys can't hear of vise visa)

R: Girl's were going to have a little fun!

B,C,J: We like the sound of that.

R: No matter what we are going to give the boys the cold shoulder. And we are going to continue packing and acting like there not there. But the major point is if the come over to grab you side step them and go to grab something we don't actually need to pack okay.

B: Awesome!

C: Bring it

J: The boys are going down.

 We continued are plan it was so funny every time Taylor went to kiss Jenna she would duck and try and find something in the bag. Becci would dodge Dinex's hugs by opening kitchen draws and pulling out stupid thing, making us girls laugh. Charlotte just walked around looking for thing's and Mitch would constantly try to embrace her and she would move a little out of his reach. Were as I would lean forward every time Sam tried to grab me in a hug or kiss me. But we all only talked to each other every time the boys would ask questions we would continue our own conversations.


Sam's POV

What was going on with the girls? Since's we've came down stair's we've been getting the cold shoulder. Rosalinda won't let me hug her or even kiss her she just move's to put something in there bags. Becci is dodging Dinex by opening the kitchen draw's, Charlotte just walk's away from Mitch lokking for something. And Jenna is ducking and putting something in a backpack when Taylor try's to kiss her. But other than that the girl's are all egnoring us like were not here. It's starting to get on my nerve's.

5 minuites later.

I've had enough, I grabbed Rosalinda by the waist. The girl's looked at her in shock. They had planned this all along. Oh, the smart fox's. 


Hey guys and galls sorry it's short i thought I'd leave you hanging what does she do next egnor him or react to it. well good night i'm going to bed now.

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