Chapter XVIII- Bad Moon Rising

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I wake up, the sun not even out yet. The sound of a slamming trunk was my alarm clock. I turn over, the time reading 3 AM.

I quickly run to the window, seeing the boys packing up their car. I flip around quickly, almost angrily, flying down the stairs and out the back door.

"Hey!" I yell, jumping in front of the sleek black car that was about to shoot off.

"Layla, watch out!" Dean yells from the window, his hand popping up in surprise. His eyes are wild, an eyebrow raised in confusion.

"Where're you going?" I ask, my hands crossing over my chest as I stride over to the open window. They weren't seriously leaving without me, especially when this was my fight too.

"To get the colt." Sam says, leaning forward to look up at me. Dean punches Sam's chest, obviously not wanting me to know.

"You're not leaving without me." I say, looking back at John Winchester in a big pickup truck. He's tapping the wheel, looking at me with amusement, "I'm coming with you."

"No, Layla. No." Dean says sternly, shaking his head. I look over to Sam, my eyebrows raised.

"You can't stop me from coming, I'll just get the address from Bobby." I say, jerking a thumb over my shoulder to point towards the house. "I'm not sitting this one out."

Dean and I have a small staring contest, a competition burning between the two of us. There's a silent understanding in his eyes, and I nod in content.

"Just give me a second to grab my stuff." I say, turning quickly back to the house. I run up the stairs, using my hands to help me gain momentum. I grab my black duffle bag, throwing in random things I may need. In nearly 30 seconds I've grabbed the contents of my room and shoved them in the large bag. I run back down the stairs, not bothering to say bye to the snoring Bobby on the couch. I wave at the boys, running in front of their car to get to mine.

Once I'm ready, the three of our cars hit the road, the night sky seeming to reflect the dark journey looming over the four of us. Something was coming, and I could feel it in a bad pit of my stomach.


We pull over on a bumpy back road, dust flying in swirls from John's massive truck.

John gets out of his car, waving for me to come to him. I open my door quickly, jogging over to him as Sam and Dean approach. John opens his trunk, the four of us circling around.

"What's the plan?" I ask, looking around suspiciously at the thick line of trees.

"We're gonna ask first." John says, "Then if they say no," John pulls out a large knife from his trunk, "we'll take it."

I glance over at an impatient looking Dean. His hands are clenching and unclenching by his sides, something I'd never seen him do before. He turns his head to catch me staring, and I make a rude face and look away quickly. I huff, rolling my eyes.

Knifes are pulled out, and I nervously shift my weight to my left foot. John leads us to where he said their layer is, he'd been tracking them for months while on his own. I follow in pursuit of the three boys, stomping the soft earth underneath my feet. There wasn't much I knew about vampires, Bobby had always told me to steer clear of them until I became more experienced. I knew the only way to kill them was to cut off their heads, and that the day after my parents death I had been captured by one. I think back on the distant memory, that'd happened so long ago it seemed like a lifetime. Maybe it had been, my life splitting between one with my parents and this nightmare without them. My heart sinks low, and I swallow roughly to keep myself together. I tried to remember what that vampire had said, and I remember him talking about my parents. He'd said they were master killers of his kind, and I half smiled thinking about the compliment it had been to my parents. I just wished they could be here to kill these vamps with me.

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