Chapter 1

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{Braelynn's POV}

Waking up in the morning is never easy. I already knew what I was going to wear so I went to my bathroom and brushed my blue and pink hair out and clipped it back into a
purple bow. I curled the ends and put hair spray in to hold it, but it still looks nice and flowy. once I finished my hair, I applied eyeliner in a wing and mascara with a little blush.

I went to my dresser and pulled my black tank top with Fall Out Boy in the middle and my ripped jeans. After pulling that on, I went back into the bathroom and cleaned my earrings. I slipped my rings on and rubbed some pink lipstick on my lips before slipping my jean jacket on. I rolled up the sleeves to my elbows and slipped my rubber bracelets on afterwards.

pulling my choker over my head and putting my fake gauges in, I clipped my arrow necklace on and tied my yellow Converse on my feet. Seeing that Ulani wasn't ready, I sent Alana a quick text and plugged my earbuds in.

I sat on the edge of my bed listening to my Me playlist, waiting for Alana to text back. I texted her five minutes ago and she still hasn't texted back yet. And she complains about my slow texting.

Ulani came up to my open bedroom door and spoke. Not hearing her through my music I paused it. "Wait what did you say?" I asked her.

"When you get a chance, come to my room so I can do your make-up. Okay?" She asked politely. Nodding I grabbed my make-up bag off my bathroom counter and headed to her room across the hall.

"Braelynn, what are you wearing?" she asked, eyeing my outfit.

"Uh, clothes?" I answered.

"I know that but why are you wearing a flannel with a tee shirt with something called 'Fall Out Boy' written on it?" She sighed.

"Because I can and it's cool." I smiled. Setting my stuff down, I walked over to her and waited for her to do my make-up.

Ulani is my big step-sister and we are complete polar opposites. Out of public eyes, she's the sweetest person ever to me but in public, I'm pretty much chopped liver.

When she completed my make-up, "Finish getting ready so we can leave" she demanded with a smile.

I walked to my room to grab my bag and phone. I left the house to meet Ulani at her car.

"When we get to school, don't follow me. Stay back, okay?" she said.

Without arguing with her I said "Okay".

When we got to school I hopped out of the car and started towards my friends. I plugged my earbuds in again pressing play. bobbing my head to Fall Out Boy's song Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner.

"Hey" I said waving once I reached them.

''Hey'' they all said in unison.

''So, I see Ulani did your make up again?'' Alana said with a smile.

''Yeah'' I replied, smiling.

''Hey cutie'' Oliver said hugging me from the waist. Oliver has liked me but I've told him that I don't want to date him because we've been friends for practically forever and I would hate to ruin what we have as friends.

''Hey'' I sighed, playfully pushing him off me.

I caught a quick glance of the hottest guy in school. But my gazing was interrupted by the bell. Pausing my music, we all walked to class and Oliver went the opposite way we did.

I walked to first period with Alana, as soon as we walked in we saw Cordelia Evans ''Hey, look what decided to wake up this morning.'' she said giggling

''Great, my morning was actually going pretty well until until that hoe showed up. '' Alana said groaning.

Walking away from her, as she turned her nose up at us, Alana made weird faces towards her as we sat down in our seats and waited for class to start. "Alright class! Pop Quiz!" My teacher Mr. Stein announced. The whole class groaned, including me. Great way to start school, note the sarcasm.


After going through all horrendous eight periods, I met up with Ulani and we went home.

On the way home ''Do you want some Chic-Fil-a'' she asked

'' Yeah sure'' I answered. We stopped by the drive thru and ordered chicken sandwiches.

Arriving at home I ran in the house and jump on my computer. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I see a text from Alana.

Hey walk to my house right now.

uh, why?

just do it.

okay, okay.

I shoved my phone back into my back pocket and walked out of my house. Turning my head towards Alana's house, I see the person I've had a crush on ever since third grade: Nathan Anderson.

He is one of the most popular guys at school and he's also the captain of the school's Varsity Baseball team. He and I used to be best friends until middle school came and he became a part of the cool crowd. I was alone until Alana and I became best friends.

I continued towards Alana's house and I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I accidentally bumped into Nathan.

'' Sorry'' he said after he caught me by my waist. I didn't realize my hands rested on his chest while I gazed into his beautiful hazel eyes, '' Wait, don't I know you?" He asked as I stood up in his hold.

"Uh, maybe?" I stuttered as I twisted my piercings.

"Cool piercings," He claimed pointing to my ear.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

"Where are you headed?" He asked, smiling down at me. I pointed to Alana 's house. "Cool, I'll walk you down there." I nodded as his hand laid on my upper back as he guided me to Alana 's house. "I like your hair too."

"Thanks. My hair is originally brown." I informed him, feeling more and more comfortable by the second.

"Nice, but I swear I've seen you before. Are you sure I don't know you?" He pushed.

Not knowing what to say, my smart side came out. "How about you do some research," I said hoping not to sound like an idiot. "My hair has been this color since Sophomore year. You have the yearbook don't you?" I asked glancing at him.

"Yeah," He trailed smirking at me.

"You'll figure it out." I walked up to Alana's house and opened the door. Smiling at him before I closed the door once I was inside, I slid down the door and exhaled. Alana ran down the stairs and gaped at me.

"I saw everything. Girl, what the hell did you do?" She asked me.

I stared at her and breathed heavily. "I...might've...I don't know." I claimed.

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