Robin's POV :

Its been days since Starfire has been avoiding me. I mean, we still work as a team.. But, everytime we get home after fighting a bad guy, she runs directly to her room. And now everyday, she just asks for someone to bring her her Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to her room. I knocked on her door so i could talk to her in private, but she just screamed, "Please! Leave me alone!!"  

I felt really awful about that, so i decided to go to my room. 

I was finally done blaming myself, and i went out of my room. 

The hall was really quiet. I walked to the living room and realized it was 10 in the evening. I went up the roof and sat there. I watched as the moonlight washed over Jump City. Then, i heard footsteps. I stood up, ready to attack. The owner of the footsteps showed her face. 

"Starfire?" I asked, lowering my fists.

Starfire's POV:

I was surprised to see Robin in front of me. He too, looked surprised.  

"Oh. Hello Robin." I said, my lips forming a frown. 

"Hey. S-sorry about earlier" He said. 

"It is alright." I told him. 

"Hey, we need talk." He said, his nervous face turning serious. 

"Umm.. Okay." I said, letting in a silent gulp. 

"Why are you avoiding me?" He asked me. 

My eyes were wide, "Does he know?" I thought to myself. 

"Of course i am not." I lied. 

"Star, tell me the truth."  

I took a step back, "It is complicated..." and i took off into the dark night, leaving Robin confused and alone. 

I watched him whisper to himself and walk back inside the tower. 

I was ashamed, i felt tears slowly fall from my face.

Robin's POV:


After Starfire took off, i whispered to myself "Looks like i'll have to leave her alone. She needs time..."


I walked down the hall, then into my room. I felt ashamed once again. I was also blaming myself again. 

I sat on my bed, rubbing my neck. 

Then, i laid myself on my bed. My eyes closing.... And i was finally asleep. 



I heard a familiar voice say. 

I woke up to find Beast Boy as a rooster by the window of my room. 

He spotted me and walked towards me. 

"Mornin'" He said, smiling. 

"Um. Thanks for the wake up alarm." I joked. 

I opened my window and let him in. 

"Thanks." He said, as he entered my room.  

He hopped on my bed, and turned back to normal. 

I closed my window, and he began to talk. 

"So.. I saw your conversation with Star last night." He told me. 

"What?! Thats private!" I shouted at his face. 

"I-i'm sorry. I didnt know." He said, smiling. 

"Why are you smiling?" I asked him. 

"Cause i can't believe you don't see the reason why she's avoiding you." He said, still smiling.

I glared at him, "What do you know?"

"Well..." He started.

I went close to hear better.

"Yeah???" I asked.

"Its the kind of thing that....." He said.

"Kind of thing that what?" I asked.

I went closer.

"That.." He began.

Then, he jumped out of my bed, opened my door and got out of my room.

I lost my balance and fell on my floor.

Beastboy ran out, smiling at me, saying "You're too desperate!"

I pulled myself up and shouted, "BEASTBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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