Chapter 2

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Stacey James POV

As I finished breakfast I thought about my random visit with Ranger. I will have to admit when he touched my shoulder it literally sent a thrill down my spine.

If I had the time I'm sure I could spend all day thinking about him, and my "love life". But I simply am too busy to think about this stuff.

So finally I took my dishes to the dish room then I went outside to give myself some fresh air. Even though it was the beginning of the semester1 we already had some reading to do for next class. I was going to try my best to stay on top of things and stop procrastinating but that usually never happens.

I found a nice spot on the grass and I sat down. As I sat down I began to look at the different kids that were apart of my university. It was amazing to know that I belong to something that huge. Eventually I forced myself to open my book and read.

Rangers POV

Oh my goodness it's go time. Father is pissed off. My father Leonard "Lennie" Matthews is one of the most respected Mob Lords in America, and in Western Europe. He was born in Italy which was where his father Roman Matthews is the Mob Lord. My father's brother and my father was sent here to Florida to extend the territory.

My father is really nice man. He is an incredibly wealthy man and he would help anyone who would be his assistance. But once you get on his bad side that is it. Your finished. My father has been in jail so many times that is not funny. Never has he had to stay longer than two years. We invest in awesome lawyers and we pay off the right people.

Whoever has pissed my father off this time is really going to get it. My Father said, "Listen everyone. Word on the street is that Familia Valentino is the ones who are responsible for telling the police about our bar and brothel. They arrested some of my best men, and they are going to pay for this. You boys know what we do to rats."

My family is big on respect. You have to deserve and earn respect before you could even think about getting it. Familia Valentino has messed with the wrong family. It's insane how this meeting is going. We are already talking out taking someone out and it's not even noon.

Finally my Father decided on the best tactic to get on Valentino's turf and question him and his his men. We for sure already k oath at his men are responsible for ratting us out. So if he lies his punishment will be worse. Our mission was to began just after subset. Finally Father adjourned our meeting, and we were free until tonight.

I was ready to leave the mansion ASAP. I had a class at 2:00pm which it last until 4:00 pm and I really was not able to catch lunch. Even though I went to the lunch room to catch up with that pretty Afro -American chick Stacey. Man that girl is fine. Anyways I went to our personal parking were we have our personal mechanic to maintenance our vehicles. Usually whenever someone is in a rush the mechanics will come and move the car. It's our own personal valet service.

After I talked to Alberto. I decided to change my ride to my brand new Cadillac escalade. I have the authority to drive and to buy which ever vehicle that I choose. So I got in and drove back over toward campus. On the way over I picked up a sub sandwich and chips and a Pepsi. I decided to sit outside and eat my food on the grass.

Once I parked my car, I walked five minutes towards the cafeteria. On the way over there I was looking for a nice enough space to enjoy my lunch.

And there she was. Stacey James. I wasn't really sure if I should go over to her and disturb her. But the man inside me decided that I should. I plopped on the grass right behind her.

I said, "Miss Stacey James." She jumped so high that she threw her book and maker inter to the air. I must have scared her. Stacey gave me the look of death!

"Ranger what the heck is your problem?" Stacy said. I could tell she was pissed. Oh we'll she can get over that.

"Stacey I'm sorry, I know that was a jerk move. Forgive me please. I saw you sitting by yourself so I thought I would say hello. No harm in that right? I gave her my award winning smile.

She batted and then rolled her eyes, "Next time do me a favor and announce yourself. And anyways what are you doing here? I mean I know it's a free country and all but it's as if your following me."

Just great she already thinks I'm stalking her. "It just seems that way. But I guess we just have great timing." I paused then said, "Some would call it fate."

"Well I just thought I would just relax for a while before class starts and enjoy the sunshine." I wanted to add the face that we would be taking out someone tonight but I didn't want to scare her.

"Oh that's cool, I have a couple classes left this afternoon so I'm chilling out here." She pulled out her phone and that reminded me that I wanted her phone number.

I boldly said, "So this campus is huge, and I don't know if ill see you again. Can I have your number? I know it's awkward that I am asking you early but it would be nice. "

Stacey looked at her phone and then up at me and smiled and said, "Sure, why not." She wrote it down then I got up to leave. There was no way I wanted to ruin the moment.

Stacey's POV

Oh snap this man just asked me for my number??!! I am too excited. But I am trying to play it cool.

As he got up to leave I batted my eyes and smiled. He was one of the most hottest white boys that I have seen in a long time.

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