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There are two worlds that dwell side-by-side. There is the mortal realm where we live as humans and the immortal realm where our spirits go after our death. Depending on how you lived your life, Gaïa guides you to one of seven levels in the spirit world. The first level, reserved for those who lived a righteous life, is filled with souls who help the Spirit Mother in her tasks. As you can imagine, a pleasant existence awaits those lucky enough to be in her presence.

     On the other hand, the lower levels are reserved for the spirits who have led an evil life. The seventh, being the worst of them all, is where we can find the souls who must repent daily for their mistakes. Forced to shuffle on their knees on a rocky road, there is a whip always at the ready, if they should lag behind. This is the only level that is heavily guarded, for the souls within often times try to escape their fate.

     As for the levels in between, existence is neither happy nor sad. Everyone’s compliance is required in varying degrees. The higher the level you find yourself in, the more pleasant the tasks asked of you.

     Ultimately, all souls serve the Spirit Mother who watches over both realms.

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