12. Mother's Coming To Visit

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The little pups were busy tackling Jun and Seth under cuddles to notice Septimus and I as I looked around the morning dew gathered on the grass blades and moss covered tree trunks. It was nice here, a comforting atmosphere that you'd feel just looking at the two alphas under the puppy and kitten pile. Max, meanwhile, was flirting with the mass of female shifters who had come over to see him.

I chuckled as I thought of how domestic this all seemed and glanced up to Septimus who was dozing with me against his chest like a teddy bear. I smelt the scent of anxiety and glanced over to a blonde little Wolf shifter, the child no more than five as he glanced over to us every now and then. "Hey," I whispered, grinning over to him. "I'm Abe. What's your name?"

His eyes grew wide, hazel and expressive as he plucked at his over-sized t-shirt. An older sibling maybe? "F—Finn," he mumbled.

"That's a nice name," I remarked. "Why aren't you over there with the other kids?"

"Don't like em," He mumbled, looking away from the literal dog pile and pouting. I barely caught the last bit. "Don't like crowds."

"Like Grumpy Fangs here, eh?" I laughed, poking Septimus' forehead. Finn's eyes grew wide as he shook his head, waving at me in warning.

"He get angry! No poking!"

"Hmm? This old softie?" I asked, elbowing him. He only grumbled, sniffing at my neck and falling back into his doze. "What do you mean?"

"Nearly broke Tyler's arm when he touched him!" Finn whispered, pointing over to a tall and very broad brunette wolf shifter across the clearing and with Max in flirting activities. "Older brother was stoopid."

I was right about the sibling thing then. "Broke his arm?"

Finn nodded quickly, squeaking when Septimus curled his arms tighter around me and nuzzled like an affectionate kitten. "He's been through anger management; he won't bite, Finny," I assured. "Come on over. He won't hurt ya."

My eyes caught on a fast-approaching figure and I cocked my head as he pulled his lips back to flash lengthening canines. "Like hell my baby bro is going near that monster!" The new arrival bellowed and I blinked up to 'Tyler'. The wolf was shaking as he glared down to me, then over my shoulder. "What's the big deal? You could have my baby bro killed!"

"Septimus doesn't kill," I snorted. "He is a puppy really."

"F*cking lies!" Tyler snarled.

"Talk to Abe like that again and I'll snap your neck," Septimus snarled against my shoulder but everyone heard it and I sighed.

"You're not helping your case, Seppy," I told him, glancing back to the wolf with a droll stare. "Really."

"He's not helping his by cursing in front of children," Septimus countered, gaze sweeping over the terrified Finn and then the kids who were busy playing with the girls now as the alphas brushed themselves off and were watching this exchange. "Who are you and why are you talking to my m... Abe?"

"He was trying to get my brother in trouble!" Tyler retorted and I snorted. "Shut it!"

Septimus snarled, head shooting up to snap his jaw at the male and making him shrink back. "Septimus, seriously? And for your information, Tyler; your brother doesn't need to be scared of this guy. He won't hurt anyone without proper provocation. Something I think you know well about."

"You're just a filthy bloodsucker who doesn't know anything!" Tyler yelled and already we had a full audience. Jun looked ready to step in when I was picked up and Septimus was in between us, glaring down to the brunette.

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