(a/n) Lives start to fall apart and come together slowly, starting in this chapter,beware.

~Ray Ray's POV 

I looked back and she walked up to me.

"Um, do you mind if I get your number?" She smiled.

I was shocked at first, but loosened up after she smiled. 

I don't why, but I gave it to her. 

She was beautiful, with curves for days. 

She grinned as she put her number into my phone, and I did the same. 

"I'm Dana." She said, holding her hand out for me to shake. 

"I'm Ray Ray." I replied, shaking her hand.

~Dana's POV 

Why was he so attractive? 

Just the way he flipped out, was just so cute. 

Ugh, I'm such a retard. Can I have your number?!? Who says that?!? 

But instead of freaking out like I imagined, he agreed openly to exchanged numbers. 

I put my contact name as 'Future Boo (Dana)'. 

"Are you busy?" I asked, giving his phone back. 

"Naw, you wanna chill here for a while?" He said. 

"Just read my mind." I cooed, walking over to a booth.

~Aliyah's POV 

It was 6:30 and Jacob still wasn't home. 


I pulled my copy of "Talk That Talk" out of my bag and played it on the stereo in Jacob's room. 

I just jammed out for half an hour to that one song. I still couldn't believe it was me! 

I sang along with myself, looking around Jacob's room. 

It was a mess, but I chose not to clean it up. 

I heard a car door slam outside and quickly ejected the CD out of the stereo and ran upstairs to my room.

~Jacob's POV 

I finished up shopping with Imani, and waited for Ray Ray in the lot. 

"How long does it take for him to eat some tacos?" Imani complained. 

"You must not remember Ray Ray. You don't remember in kindergarten, when he stole our cookies, and blamed it on Aaron?" I laughed. 

"Yeah! I was bout to go OFF on him!" 

We locked eyes, and I gave her a small peck on her cheek, making her blush. 

"Ooooh, I made you bluuuush!" I joked. 

"You did not!" She giggled, covering her cheeks. 

"I did too!" I laughed, tickling her ribcage. 

"Stop! We're in public!"  

"Girl, I played an almost-naked cupid in a park for a music video. I'll do anything in public." I winked. 

"Oh really? RAPE! HELP! RAPIST! HELP ME!" She yelled to get me to stop tickling her. 
People looked back at us, ready to call the police. 

"Okay! Okay, damn. You gone make me go to jail, I swear." I joked. 

We eventually got tired of waiting, so I texted Ray Ray asking where he was.

**Text Convo** 

Prince;Nigga where u at? 

Ray Ray; Uh, hehe ;) 

Prince; not an answer. 

Ray Ray; I'm still at TB. I uh, met this girl. 


Ray Ray; I swear on my two ponytails if you tell......


Imani got in the car,and we drove to Taco Bell. 

As soon as we walked through the door, I heard Imani growl. 

"The hell was that?" I asked, confused. 

"Nothing." she spat. 

I spotted Ray Ray in the back, and walked hand-in-hand with Imani to where he was. 

"Aye, Ray Ray!" I said, giving him dap. 

"What up Princeton. This is Dana. Dana, this is Princeton, my homeboy, and Imani, his girlfriend" Ray Ray said, introducing us.

~Imani's POV 




Not Dana. Anyone but her. 

God, why her? 

I rolled my eyes. 

She can kiss my ass for all I care. 

I beat her up in 8th grade for spreading rumors about me, and got suspended. 

She "claims" it wasn't her going around, telling people I strip for food, but I didn't believe her. Why would I? With her Gretchen Weiner wannabe ass.

I got in her ear and whispered. 

"Don't worry. I'm paying for my taco." I sashayed away, and ordered a classic soft taco. 

I paid, and left to eat on the little patio they had. 

Princeton walked out a couple of minutes later and sat across from me. 

"You okay?" he asked, sitting down. 

"Uh, yeah." I lied. 

"You're lying."  

I just sat in silence. I wanted to put the whole Dana thing behind me. 

"Can we just go home?" I asked throwing my wrapper away. 

"Yeah." he replied. 

We walked to his car and got in.

~Aliyah's POV
I ran upstairs to my room and faked asleep.
Soon, I heard footsteps coming to my room.
"Aliyah, you up?" I heard Jacob's voice ask.
I didn't responded, and he eventually left after about thirty seconds.

 The rest of the week was ok, until Tuesday.
I had finally broken up with Prodigy, after an argument we had over Yahtzee. (Don't judge me).
It was 10;30, and I had just got back from Jamal's house.
I knocked on the door, and Mr.Perez answered.
"Aliyah, we need to talk." He said, giving me a stern look.
I sat down on the couch, and he did also.
"Aliyah, I'm gonna have to let you go." He informed me.
"WHAT? LET ME GO?" I exclaimed.
"I'm sorry. But you know the rules. Cleaning this house should've been your #1 priority, not boys, and parties, or wherever you go after school." He started. "You see those dishes?" He asked, pointing to the dishes.
"Yeah." I whispered.
"They've been there since Friday." 
'You leave first thing in the morning. I'll call the offices, and they can find you another place to stay."
"NO. I, uh, I have a cousin not too far away from here. I'll live with her." I lied.
The LAST thing I want is to get moved across the country AGAIN.
"Fine." He said before getting up and walking to his room.
My eyeballs started to sting, and I felt tears coming on.
Dammit, Aliyah. Why do you do this?
I went into my room to start packing,  
I cried silently to myself as I put all my belongings in my suitcase, and took down my collages, portraits, and posters.
I climbed into bed, and grabbed my phone,  typing in  a phone number.
I put the phone up to my ear.
It rang twice, then I heard him pick up the phone.
"Hello?" He said.
"Hey, do you mind if I live with you for a while?"

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