AFTER NATE TOLD ME THAT HE FOUND GABBI I WANTED to just go there hug her, kiss her and do a lot of other stuff to her but there were a lot of other things that needed to be solved between us.

while going to the hotel Gabbi was supposedly in i made a special stop to a kinky store. i needed to get Gabbi mind of what was happening for at least some time before talking to her.

after pulling up to the hotel Gabbi was in. i realized one thing which was that Gabbi was in one of my many hotel that i owned. this one the kind that looked like a five star hotel and the ones that you get treated as if your in a five star hotel but was was only fifty dollar a day. you could say i have a great heart.

IT ALSO DID pained me that Gabbi was here i mean yeah the hotel was great and all but i wish she was at home or at work with me. Gabbi meant a lot more to me then i even knew.

after entering the hotel i went to the desk in the middle of floor which was actually crowded with people leaving and some coming. there was a man sitting behind the desk on a phone and that was unprofessional.

'' excuse me'' i said annoyingly.

'' um yeah what do you want'' asked the boy behind the desk.

'' is there anyone here with a first name that is Gabrielle union'' i asked back.

'' wait a sec '' said the counter boy annoyingly and after a minute or two replied'' yeah why you asking'' that was very unprofessional which made me mad.

''can i get her room number'' i asked madly.

'' Im sorry sir i cant, but if you really need it you know the deal give me some paper'' said the counter guy smartly. That got me madder.

'' do you know who i am'' i ask angrily.

'' nope nor do i care'' said the counter guy.

'' OK please go to your hotel website'' i stated and after the counter guy did there was a big picture of me on the hotel websites that stated that i was the hotel owner and a multimillionaire.

'' oh my god sir im sorry'' said the counter guy while giving what i guess was the key to Gabbi room.

i picked up my bag and when i was almost to the elevator i turned around and yelled'' you will be hearing from me soon''.



i stopped at the front of Gabbi room to check how i looked, i was so nervous. i opened the door stepped inside and shut it. Gabbi wasn't in the hotel living room nor kitchen so i guess she was probably in the bedroom or bathroom.


i heard a water sound coming from the bedroom. i entered the bedroom and saw that Gabbi wasn't in there she was probably taking a shower because i heard the water on and i decided to make myself comfortable.

i took out the soft fur paddle, the leather belt and other stuff use for spanking out of the bag and placed it on the bed. i also took off my shirt and pant and layed on the bed in my boxers.[ PIC ON THE SIDE IS MATT BOXER]

after a few minutes in the bed. Gabbi came out of the shower in her towels and was stunned to see me on the bed.

'' what....what are you doing here''asked Gabbi in a husky voice.

i decided not to reply but show her........................................



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