Chapter 5

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I'm standing at the edge of the forest behind my house. The only source of light was the moon the forest was dark . Suddenly I saw a pair of glowing red eyes , at first they just stair then a rush of feat takes over my body as the eyes move closer to me at first it was slow then started to move faster. I turn arrownd and run to the ocean but soon I stopped just at the edge, something didn't feel right like I shouldn't go in the water, my eyes snapped to a figure swimming towards me again the same fear took over and I fall backwards onto the sand , my eyes move to the forest and at the edge stood the beast with glowing eyes, I look to the water and see the dark figure had stopped at the edge of the ocean.
Suddenly both figures were stalking towards me and got closer I was stuck to the ground I couldn't move my body the figure and the beast were in front of me......

I jolt awaik with a cold sweat and my heart beating a million times a second.
I look arrownd and saw I was safe in my room, a sigh of relief left my mouth.
It was only a dream.
But I couldn't stop thinking about the figures. I felt closterphobic as the creatures stood over me.
A shiver ran down my spine as I think about it.
I look over to my clock and saw that it was 3 in the morning.
I fell back onto my pillow and staired at the celing then turned to my window and looked towards the ocean the moon was shining over the waives I felt calm and drifted back to sleep.


The next Morning I woke up tired, I flipped to my stomach and look over to my clock it was 7am I sigh and roll out of my bed luckily it was Friday.

I took a shower and dried my hair and let it fall into their natural curls.
I went to my closet and put my underwear on and searched my closet...finally I found my white dress I put it on and paired it with a brown belt arrownd my waist and put on my brown flats I grabbed my bag and went downstairs.
Ronnie was sitting at the table eating cerial.
"Hey Ron where's Coop?" I asked my older brother. He tuned arrownd to look at me.
"He had to go to campus early today, are you ready I'm taking you to school today" I nod and quickly grabbed an apple off the counter we walked out of the house towards his car we got in and started to drive to school
"Hey Ron can I tell you something" I asked him
"You know you can tell me anything Madi" he said to me with a little concern
I took a deep breath
"I found my mate yesterday"
The car suddenly stopped
"What how is that possible we are the only mer people here" he stared at me
"He's not a mere man Ron....He is a werewolf..I could tell he has a lot of power he is a Alpha.."
My brother starred at me " we are going to talk to mom and dad about this , it's stange that a mermaid and a wolf would be chosen as soul mates , do you know from what pack he is or his name ?"
I smiled sheepisly "No he was being a jerk and he went all 'you are mine' and I didn't like the thaught of being treated as an object so I gave him a piece of my mind then I walked away" I told my brother, when looked his way he had a smirk on his face
"That's the way we taught you sis way to go"
I could see pride in his eyes.
"We better go before your late for school, try to find out from what pack he is today" Ronnie instructed me while he started the car again.

He dropped me off at school.
I made my way to my locker and got my books I turned arrownd and saw Mr Alpha walking towards me.
Well today is going to be interresting.


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